Design Coach with Traci Reed


Scrapbook trends come and go and your customer’s wants and needs evolve all the time. To keep up, you have to know HOW to design, but that’s only the beginning! Honing and elevating your design skills is the best way to become a stronger, faster and more in-demand designer who stands out from the crowd.


When you elevate your skills, you impress your customers from kit to kit, which drives sales month to month. But HOW do you elevate when you don’t know where to start? Who do you turn to when you have design questions, want an expert opinion if a kit is lackluster (before you release it), or can’t quite put your finger on why your products return weak sales?


You NEED a Design Mentor! 


In Traci Reed’s new Design Coach, you’ll receive the REAL-TIME, design mentoring you need every single month. You’ll gather all of your design questions and concerns and meet with Traci to get those questions answered — live!


Design Coach is ideal for established designers who:

  • Are unsure how to finesse, refine or add the small details to make kits sell strongly.
  • Aren’t attracting loyal, returning customers or seeing the sales to justify the time invested developing kits.
  • Have a long term goal to increase revenue by offering products through different sales channels (i.e.: paper manufacturing, craft stores, greeting card industry).
  • Are 100% committed to reaching your full potential as a digital scrapbook designer and professional crafter.




If Traci’s introductory Design Star was Learn to Design, then Design Coach would follow with Design for Life! Design Coach is the next step for designers who already know how to design but desire to reach the next level and increase sales.


designcoach_icon6How does Design Coach work?

Each fourth Friday, you’ll meet with Traci in a group:

  • You’ll submit your questions before each group meeting. Questions can range from how to create specific kinds of embellishments to how to improve an upcoming kit.
  • Traci will collect all questions and answer during the meeting. Some questions may require in-depth demonstrations using Adobe Photoshop.
  • Traci will also assign a monthly homework assignment that stretches your creativity and improves your design acumen or review and polishes a specific part of your marketing efforts.


While all Design Coach meetings will be recorded, you’ll benefit most by submitting questions, participating in the meetings, and completing the monthly homework.


Design Coach details:

Instructor Traci Reed
Duration Monthly
Dates Every 4th Friday
Skill Level Intermediate to Advanced
Recommended Software Adobe Photoshop CS5+
Prerequisite Class or Experience Design Star OR 1+ year(s) of digital scrapbook design experience


Design Coach is currently not open for new membership.


Frequently Asked Questions

When are monthly meetings and what if I miss them?

Beginning January 2016, monthly meetings are every 4th Friday of each month at 8 pm Eastern/5 pm Pacific. Every so often they may need to be rescheduled due to Traci’s family schedule. If you’re going to miss a meeting, you can still submit your question and Traci will answer it during the meeting. You can grab your answer on the recording!


New meetings may be added and scheduled each month if our small group meetings exceed capacity.

I use Adobe Photoshop Elements. Can I take this class too?

Design Coach is not recommended for Photoshop Elements users. Traci strongly suggests signing up for the Creative Cloud for digital scrapbook design.

I'm new to digital scrapbook design. Will this class help me?

Not yet! Start with Design Star first as it’s the perfect introduction to the basics of digital design. Once you’ve completed Design Star you’ll get the most benefit from Design Coach’s monthly meetings and extended guidance.

How long will I have access to Design Coach?

You’ll have access to all recordings and group meetings as long as your Design Coach subscription remains active.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes. Cancel any time. You will continue to have access until your payment cycle ends.

Have additional questions? Contact us directly at the Student Support center. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response. 


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