DigiScrap School: Techniques

In my family, I’m known for my gumbo! It’s the meal that’s eaten within 5 minutes after it’s off the stove. I spent 7 years perfecting my gumbo recipe, developing the layers, and understanding the proper combination of ingredients and flavors for a dish that rivals many restaurant versions. I learned early that the quality of the dish improves significantly when I start with a mirepoix — a sautéed mixture of diced vegetables, herbs, and the like. And for my gumbo, the mirepoix includes onions, celery and green peppers — the Cajun trinity!


What does my gumbo trinity have to do with you and me? Well, in digital scrapbooking there is a TECHNIQUE TRINITY: Blending, Shadowing and Brushwork! Understanding the intermediate and advanced functions of each helps us create more realistic, satisfying, and visually-stunning projects! Like the base for my gumbo, the technique trinity IS the base for building delightful pages (and other projects) you’ll adore for the rest of your life!


The technique trinity uses some of the more challenging photo-editing tools and functions, including Blend Modes, Dodging, Burning, Selecting, Extracting, Painting, Masking, Compositing and so much more! But in the DigiScrap School: Technique Trinity, we’ll explore those settings and you’ll discover practical methods and professional processes for building page-projects based on the techniques. And like a layer-flavored pot of gumbo, you’ll learn my secrets for combining the techniques together!


Once you’re completely comfortable with Blending, Shadowing and Brushwork, you can add additional ingredients to build layouts you love. Sprinkle in your own sense of design and favorite color arrangements. Or mix-in the best patterns and add attractive embellishments that cater to your style. Your design options will become endless once you master the technique trinity!


Jump in all three workshops or pick and choose the workshop you need most today! All of the details are waiting for you below. Sorry, gumbo not included.


DigiScrap School IGuide to Digital Blending

Guide to Blending with Tiffany Tillman

What separates digital scrapbookers from their paper-crafting peers? Blending — the technical art of combining separate images to create a completely new reality! Blended layouts are often complimented as inspiring, expressive and jaw-dropping because of their abstract and unique qualities. In Guide to Blending, Tiffany Tillman will share how you can breathe creative life into blended pages too. Enroll today!


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DigiScrap School II Guide to Shadowing & Dimensional Effects

Guide to Shadowing with Tiffany Tillman

Shadowing — the trademark of a digital scrapbooker’s style. It’s your calling card that’s as unique as the shadowing angles, blend modes, and embellishments you choose! The best shadowed layouts enforce dimension and help a design look realistic like traditional paper scrapbook pages. And Now you can learn ALL of Tiffany Tillman’s digital shadowing tricks in the Guide to Shadowing and Dimensional Effects! Enroll today!


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DigiScrap School IIIGuide to Brushwork

In Tiffany Tillman’s Digital Scrapbooker’s Guide to Brushwork, you’ll pair the technical steps of using the Brush tool with the artistry of developing spectacular digital scrapbook layouts. Using detailed exercise files, you’ll learn Tiffany’s secrets for preset brush adjustments, expert distressing, intricate brush artistry, and building digital brushes from old fashioned paint and canvas.


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Frequent Questions

Q. How do the DigiScrap School classes differ from other classes at Scrapaneers?

A. DigiScrap School (DSS) concepts are infused with content that build upon concepts shared in other DSS workshops. While Tiffany will make every attempt to satisfy students enrolling in only one of the three workshops, students enrolled in the entire DSS technique series will benefit from “progressive learning” techniques.


DSS students will also receive access to free updates of class material no matter the reason for the update! This can include updates because of potential software changes,  additional lessons that will enhance the quality of the class, or new interviews with industry experts.


Q. I previously enrolled into the Guide to Blending and/or Photoshop Brushshop taught by Tiffany at another website. How can I enroll into this new, extended version?

A. We want you to have access to this newly updated and extended version too and we’ve prepared a special discount just for you. Contact us at Student Support and we’ll send you the details on how to take advantage of the savings offer.


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