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Katrina Kennedy

Are you frustrated managing your photos on your phone and your computer? Dig into Lightroom Mobile for tips and tricks for using the power of Lightroom for iPhone, iPad, iPad Pro and Android. In Go Mobile: Making the Most of Lightroom, Katrina Kennedy will show you how to synch, edit, and rate your photos from your phone and your computer. Plus you’ll get tips for saving edit time without giving up photo quality.


Go Mobile was recorded during Scrapaneers LIVE! 2 April 2016. Click here to save on all 6 classes.


Registration Information

Instructor Katrina Kennedy
Skill Level Beginner
Price $28.00 | $16.80 Happy Holidays Sale thru November 27th
Recommended Software Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for Mobile (it's free)
Run Time 45 Minutes

Class Includes:

  • Handouts

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