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It may be the beginning of fall, but the holiday season is just around the corner. And you know what that means. Total chaos! The baking, the shopping, the card-making, the wrapping, the decorating. It’s so hard to keep it all organized. But not anymore!!


Join Kelly Sill in her planner organization workshop, Keep It Together (K.I.T.): The Holiday Edition, where she will show you how to make order out of your merriment mayhem in pocket-style! In this hybrid class, you will learn how to create a 6 x 8 Holiday Planner using pocket-style pages that will help you keep track of everything holiday related. From calendar pages to gift lists to organizing those holiday recipes, this class has what you need to stay calm, cool, jolly and organized through this special time of year.


We know the holiday season begins in November and runs through January. That’s why the K.I.T. Holiday Class Kit is large and functional. Your class kit contains November 2016 – January 2019 Calendar Pages — making your kit a 3-year planner! Useful address pages, customizable gift lists, recipe cards and other fun elements are included in the kit so you can customize it to your needs.


We’re happy to offer a Hanukkah version of the planner as well! You can download either class kit or both.


Keep It Together: The Holiday Edition is the second in a series of exclusive pocket-style organizations classes developed and presented by Kelly Sill at Scrapaneers. Pocket-style pages and digital templates can hold more than your precious photos. They can help organize your life! Keep your eyes open for other organization classes coming soon.


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Module Focus

Module 1: The PDF, Printing & Paper Options Class begins with a brief introduction of the purpose behind the album. And Kelly will explain the PDF version of the binder along with printing and paper options.


Module 2: Album Cover & Section Pages. Once you decide how to print your pages, you’ll decorate your album cover using the class kit. You’ll also create a cover page and see how to put together the Section Dividers.


Module 3: Calendar Pages. In this module, Kelly explains how to use the calendars and the To-Do Markers. The class kit includes 3 years of calendars for the months of November, December & January!


Module 4: Address Pages. Learn how to fill in addresses on the pages using Photoshop and add fun elements to your pages.


Module 5: Gift List Pages. This is Kelly’s favorite section! In this module you’ll use the unique Gift List pages to gather information about your loved ones. This will make gift- giving a snap! Like the address section, Kelly will show you how to use the additional elements to decorate your pages.


Module 6: Decoration Pages. Perfect for Pinterest lovers, play with the decoration inventory pages and show off your decorating idea pages and filler cards.


Module 7: Recipe Pages. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of your holiday recipes in one place? This section of the album will do just that! Kelly will demonstrate how to use the recipe cards, title cards and show you the various filler cards that are included in your kit.


Module 8: Digital Templates. Although this class is geared toward the pocket-style hybrid scrapper, there four 6 x 8 digital templates included in your kit. Kelly will quickly walk you through the steps to create a digital page for you to print and slip into a 6 x 8 page protector.


Workshop Includes

  • Detailed PDF handouts
  • Helpful videos and suggestions
  • The Keep It Together: Holiday Edition Kit including:
  • 8.5 x 11 digital papers
  • 3 x 4 & 4 x 6 filler/journal cards
  • Planner Section Titles
  • November 2016 – January 2019 Calendar Pages (9 total)
  • Calendar To-Do Markers
  • Holiday Card Address Pages
  • Personal Gift Idea Pages (PSD files included)
  • 4 x 6 & 6 x 8 Recipe Cards
  • A full PDF version of the kit and more.




Workshop Details

Instructors  Kelly Sill
Duration Self-Paced
Skill Level Beginner
Dates Instant Access
Price $25.00 | $12.50 Retirement Sale Ends November 20
Recommended Software  Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements or Mobile Apps
Additional Optional Supplies  Shopping List for Christmas or Hanukkah


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Frequent Questions

Q. What kind of software do I need? 

A. There is a full PDF version of the planner included in the kit, so technically you don’t need any photo-editing software. However, design of the album cover and cover page (the first page of the album) and the paper choice for the section dividers are already pre-determined. If you want more control over your paper choice and other parts of the design, you would need to have a phhoto-editing software program such as Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.


Q. Can I use a larger album?

A. While a 6×8 album is recommended, you can go up to an 8.5×11 album (the digital papers included in the kit are 8.5×11). A 6×8 organizer is easier to use than a larger one. It can  be slipped into a tote bag to take on those holiday shopping trips!!The digital templates included in the class kit are 6×8


Q. I don’t celebrate Christmas, is there a Hanukkah version of the planner?!

A. Yes! You will have your choice of a Christmas or Hanukkah version of the planner to download when class begins!!


Q. Is this a live event?

A. This class is not a live event. It is self-paced.


Q. How long will I have access to the class?

A. All Scrapaneer workshops you have purchased include forever access.


Have additional questions? Visit our FAQ center for quick answers. Or contact us directly at the Student Support center. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response. 

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