Photoshop Power Tools: Masking


Do you struggle with Layer Masks in Photoshop? What about Adjustment Masks, Clipping Masks, or Luminosity Masks? Wait… What? What’s a Luminosity Mask? You may just be surprised at how many masking options we really have in Photoshop, and Photoshop Elements alike. You may also be surprised at how powerful each of them are and how easy they can be to master!


In this self-paced workshop, we will uncover the vast array of Masking techniques available to us in both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. We will cover everything from the most basic to the super complex with clear and easy to understand instructions. We will learn how each form of masking differs and how to know when to use one over the other. And most importantly, we will learn how to control, tweak, and fine-tune each and every mask we use for optimal results… all without destroying, or even changing a single pixel on your original image.




Module Focus

Module 1: Layer Masks We will start by diving deep into the realm of Layer Masks. Once you understand Layer Masks from start to finish, the masks that follow will make much more sense!


Module 2: Clipping Masks and Adjustment Masks We will learn the easiest form of masking there is … clipping masks. Then we move on to the many options in the Adjustment Mask Panel and demonstrate how each of them alters your image, as well as how to combine them for photo coloring and effects that will mirror those high-dollar actions.


Module 3: Fine-Tuning | Taking the basics we learned in Modules 1 and 2, we will push the boundaries and learn how to control, tweak, and fine-tune our masking abilities for optimal results every time!


Module 4: Luminosity Masks | Did you know you can change the lighting in your images in Photoshop? This masking option is a little more complex and therefore a lot less popular than most of the others, but we will set out to change that!


Module 5: In Conclusion | A brief recap of what we’ve learned throughout the workshop and a set of Project Assignments designed to exercise your new skills and apply what you’ve learned to your images.


Workshop Includes

  • Full color PDF handouts
  • A set of Project Assignments
  • Private message board access


Workshop Details

Instructors Amanda Taylor
Duration Self-Paced
Skill Level Beginner to Intermediate
Dates Instant Access
Regular Price $25.00 | $12.50 Retirement Sale Ends November 20
Recommended Software Adobe Photoshop CS4 and above or Photoshop Elements 10 and above


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Frequent Questions

Q. Is this class for Photoshop Elements users too?

A. Yes, this class is includes a PSE version. Some masks will work differently and some will be a bit limited in Elements, but there is a lot to be learned in PSE as well!


Q. Will this class make sense to me if I a beginner?

A. Yes!! As long as you are at least familiar with Photoshop … that is, you have made at least 1 scrapbook page using the program, you will be able to follow this workshop. Amanda has set the skill level at “Beginner to Intermediate” meaning that she will cover the basics first and then move into the more intermediate techniques.


Q. Is this a live event? Will I be required to visit the site at a certain time to watch the video training?

A. The Power of Masking is presented via pre-recorded video lessons. As this is a self-paced class, you’ll be able to access the classroom and all class content starting October 6 2014. Though there is less interaction in our self-paced classes, there will be a private forum set up if you have any questions while completing the course.


Q. How long will I have access to the class?

A. All Scrapaneer workshops you have purchased include forever access.


Have additional questions? Visit our FAQ center for quick answers. Or contact us directly at the Student Support center. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response. 

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