Photoshop Power Tools: Power of the Pen Tool


Does the Pen Tool completely stress you out? Have you ever even given it a second look? Have you ever tried it only to have it frustrate you even more, forcing you to stand down and choose another tool? I’ll give you that … it is most certainly a complex tool that is typically reserved for the Pro’s. But not anymore!


Introducing The Power of the Pen Tool. An in-depth, front to back, start to finish workshop on everything you need to know about using the Photoshop Pen Tool successfully!


In this self-paced workshop, we will start at the very beginning and work our way through to the heart and soul of this tool. Leaving no stone unturned, we will uncover the secrets that make it work and have you zipping around shape after complex shape in no time! Combined with extensive video training, the Practice Guides and full-color PDF handouts will equip you with the skill and the confidence to master this intricate Power Tool.




Module Focus

Module 1: Getting Started | Starting with the basics, we will cover the key components of the Pen Tool in Paths mode and demonstrate how it works.


Module 2: Follow the Path | We will go through your Practice Guide together, tracing paths around shapes that range from super basic to much more complex. Once you’re ready, turn off the optional point guides for the real test! Practice makes perfect!


Module 3: Path Complete… Now What | We will cover the impressive list of possibilities that await once you have completed your path.


Module 4: Shaping Up | Switching to Shapes mode, we will cover a totally different way to use the Pen Tool and create flawless vector shapes.


Module 5: Extracting Like the Pro’s | Learn this amazing way to extract objects and people out of your photos, using the Pen Tool to create the cleanest and most precise edges you can get in Photoshop.


Workshop Includes

  • Practice Guides
  • Full color PDF handouts
  • Private message board access


Workshop Details

Instructors Amanda Taylor
Duration Self-Paced
Skill Level Beginner to Intermediate
Dates Instant Access
Regular Price $25.00 | $12.50 Retirement Sale Ends November 20
Recommended Software Adobe Photoshop CS4+


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Frequent Questions

Q. Will this class make sense to me if I a beginner?

A. Yes!! As long as you are at least familiar with Photoshop… that is, you have made at least 1 scrapbook page using the program, you will be able to follow this workshop. Amanda has set the skill level at “Beginner to Intermediate” meaning that she will cover the basics first and then move into the more intermediate techniques.


Q. What software will I need to complete the workshop?

A. Since the Pen Tool is not available in Photoshop Elements, The Power of the Pen Tool requires access to Adobe Photoshop only. If you have not yet purchased Photoshop, we recommend downloading a free-trial version of Adobe Photoshop CC.


Q. Is this a live event? Will I be required to visit the site at a certain time to watch the video training?

A. The Power of the Pen Tool is presented via pre-recorded video lessons. As this is a self-paced class, you’ll be able to access the classroom and all class content immediately.  Though there is less interaction in our self-paced classes, there will be a private forum set up if you have any questions while completing the course.


Q. How long will I have access to the class?

A. Scrapaneer workshops you have purchased will be available for the lifetime of site.


Have additional questions? Visit our FAQ center for quick answers. Or contact us directly at the Student Support center. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response. 

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