Pocket Pop: Adobe Illustrator Basics for the Pocket Scrapbooker with Danielle Young


On the outside, Adobe Illustrator resembles Adobe Photoshop: fun and easy-to-use after some trial and error. But dig deeper into Illustrator and you’ll find a vast amount of tools, panels, and customizations that are simply NOT easy-to-use unless you have professional help!


Introducing Pocket Pop: Adobe Illustrator Basics for the Pocket Scrapbooker with Danielle Young! Danielle will walk you through the Illustrator interface at your own pace all while building six, colorful and coordinated Pocket-Style Journal Cards. She’ll show you how to customize your workspace, mix custom colors, build geometric shapes, create type on a path, apply brushes, work in a three-dimensional workspace and more.


This class is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve yet to open Illustrator but you know you need to for your digital design business.
  • You know the frustration of trying to self-teach yourself Illustrator.
  • You want to build more dynamic and original Pocket-Style cards for yourself or for others.


Danielle is a professional graphic designer with formal Illustrator training and over 10 years of experience. With Danielle at your side, Pocket Pop’s high quality video lessons you can review at your leisure, full-color PDF guides, and a complete set of 3×4″ journal cards, you’ll have all the Adobe Illustrator basics you need to finally feel comfortable designing in Illustrator once and for all!


Looking for more advanced Illustrator techniques? Check out Pocket Pop 2: Adobe Illustrator Basics for the Pocket Scrapbooker.


Module Focus

Module 1: Getting to Illustrator | Starting from the beginning, you’ll be introduced to the benefits of using Adobe Illustrator over Photoshop and learn the newer interface. Danielle will walk you through how to customize the Illustrator workspace, set up art boards, play with swatches, and create custom color shortcuts. You’ll also begin your first journal card using essential vector-based tools.


Module 2: Geometric Shapes, Swoopy Doodles, and Tweaks | In module two, you’ll create three more journal cards while exploring more geometric shapes and transform tools. You’ll learn how to type on a path, work freehand using the Paintbrush Tool, alter patterns with the Tweak function for a more organic appearance, and finally create your first clipping mask.


Module 3: Start a Fire in Illustrator | In the final module, you’ll arrange objects in the three dimensional workspace, create additional geometric shapes, alter grouped shapes with a Warp Effect, reflect objects, and finally export your completed cards for sharing, selling and printing at-home or with a commercial printer.


Workshop Introduction

Workshop Includes

  • High quality video lessons
  • Set of 3×4” journal cards for at-home and professional printing
  • Private forum access for questions
  • In-depth, printable PDF reference guides
  • Gallery for sharing your projects



Workshop Details

Instructors Danielle Young
Duration Self-Paced
Skill Level Beginner
Dates Instant Access
Regular Price $40.00 | $20.00 Retirement Sale thru May 1
Recommended Software  Adobe Illustrator CS4+


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“As a digital designer there are many programs I use but believe it or not I have NEVER EVER used Adobe Illustrator. That is until this week. Trust me, don’t wait to take this class! I can honestly say it’s the best one I have ever taken!” ~ Stephanie Adams for The Pocket Source




Frequent Questions

Q: What software will I need to complete the workshop?

A: You will need Adobe Illustrator CS4 or later to complete this workshop. If you have not yet purchased Illustrator, we recommend downloading a free-trial version of Adobe Illustrator CC.


Q: I’m a pocket scrapper/digital kit designer. Can I use these techniques and tools to build journal cards to sell? Can I use the steps to build other kinds of digital products for my design business?

A: Yes and sure!


Q: Do I need a pen tablet to take this class?

A: A Wacom Pen Tablet & Pen is recommended but not required. We recommend a Wacom Bamboo Pen for use with the Pen Tool, but you don’t need one to fully enjoy the class.


Q: I already purchased/enrolled, but I’m going on vacation or will be unable to participate right away. How long will I have access to the class?

A: Purchased Scrapaneer workshops will be available for the lifetime of the site.


Q: Will this class make sense to me if I am a beginner?

A: Yes, this class is made for Adobe Illustrator beginners. Even if you’ve never touched Adobe Photoshop, this class is for you. Come on in!



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