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Special Alert: Scrap Focus is Retiring — Save 50% thru January 2

For the past 8 years, I’ve taught thousands of digital scrapbookers via conferences, magazines, books, videos, podcasts, blog articles, and tutorials one thing: how to scrapbook pages you LOVE!


And I’ve loved every minute of it because I enjoy watching the design lightbulb turn-on for others! When a scrapbooker finds her style, really embraces her own gift of visual storytelling, she places a one-of-a-kind, creative stamp on memories she and her loved ones will cherish for generations.


Over the years I’ve learned what keeps scrapbookers, like you and me, from building pages we love: focus. Scrap Focus.


If you’ve asked:


  • How do I start a page?
  • How can I begin without templates and come up with my own page designs?
  • Where can I find confidence to trust my own design instincts?
  • How can I build pages that capture my favorite memories AND satisfy my desire for visual impact?


Scrap Focus is THE class for you! This class will teach you how to stop relying on page templates and build your layouts from scratch using your own polished design sense.


Let’s take a look at what you can expect:


Areas of Focus

Design School | Scrap Focus breaks down the page design process into simple, bite-sized, easy-to-manage chunks. You’ll learn how and why design basics apply to scrapbooking and when and where to “activate” each on your pages.


Page Pattern Depot | I’ll demonstrate how I use page patterns: layout strategies anyone with any style can use as foundations for dynamic, eye-catching scrapbook pages. I’ll show you eight of my strongest page patterns and upgrade each twice to form better, fuller page compositions. That’s a total of 24 page patterns! Expect to build layouts from at least eight of the 24, two per week.


Four Bonus Mini Classes | That’s right FOUR including: Color Coach, Pattern Paper Matrix, It’s Elemental and my never-seen-before Digital Sketch Method mini-class. The mini classes provide real, easy-to-follow solutions for four of the most challenging aspects of scrapbook design.


If you’re ready to relieve the frustration you feel creating layouts, then you’re ready to focus. Scrap Focus!





Video Introduction

Class Includes

  • Over 30 high-quality, informative video lessons and page demonstrations
  • Beautiful PDF handouts for easy reference
  • 8+ Page Pattern guides
  • 50 piece Digital Sketching Kit – a $16 value
  • Digital Kit: The Good Stuff: This Month by Mye De Leon
  • Exclusive access to Bonus Classes: Color Coach, The Digital Sketch Method, Pattern Paper Matrix and It’s Elemental – a $60 value
  • Private message board to connect with other students and discuss each focus
  • Gallery to share layouts and receive peer feedback
  • and FREE access to ALL future updates!



Workshop Details

Instructors Tiffany Tillman
Duration Self Paced
Skill Level Beginner
Regular Price $75.00 | $37.50 Retirement Sale Ends January 2
Recommended Software  Adobe Photoshop Elements 9+ or Adobe Photoshop CS4+

Special Alert: Scrap Focus is Retiring — Save 50% thru January 2

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Frequent Questions

Q. This class looks somewhat familiar to me. Have I taken something similar before on another digital class website? Should I or how can I enroll into this different version?

A. If you’ve been a long-time student of Tiffany’s, you’ll remember Scraphic Design: Foundations and Core. The Scraphic classes were merged together and evolved into the Scrap Focus class. This new class offers instruction, kits, layouts and topics that were not used or discussed in the previous class.

However, alumni are always welcome back into Tiffany’s workshops. Tiffany has prepared a special registration and discount just for you. Contact us at Student Support and we’ll send you the details on how to take advantage of the savings offer if you’re eligible.


Q. Is this a live event?

A. Scrap Focus is not a live event and you can view the content when you’re ready.


Q. How long will I have access to the class?

A. All Scrapaneer workshops you have purchased will be available for the lifetime of site.


Have additional questions? Visit our FAQ center for quick answers. Or contact us directly at the Student Support center. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response.


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