The Art of Journaling Outside the Box with Amanda Taylor


Do you ever get bored with the same “text box” journaling on your pages? Do you ever come across an image with an astounding display of text and wonder “how did they do that”? Are you ready to take your “mood” and express it visually on your page(s)? Well this is the workshop for you! We will take a journey through Photoshop and Photoshop Elements and explore some of the endless possibilities that are right at your finger tips that will turn your next journaling page into a work of art.


Introducing The Art of Journaling [Outside the Box] by Scrapaneer Instructor and founder of TaylorMade Designs, Amanda Taylor. In this self-paced workshop, you will learn how to take your journaling outside the box and into fun shapes, paint swishes, swirls and scribbles … even how to make an entire portrait out of nothing but text!


Join Amanda in learning how to incorporate your journaling into your pages as ART and give your creations the impact that a text box simply can’t do!


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Video Sneak Peek


Workshop Focus

Module 1: Understanding Your Text and Path Tools | Review the amazing text tools in Photoshop that we will be using in class, learn how to ditch the text box and replace it with fun shapes and elements, and put those skills to use by creating a layout using a TaylorMade Template.


Module 2: Paint it with Words | Learn how to determine the “mood” of your journaling and express it visually, create your own custom shapes using various tools within Photoshop, such as brushes, patterns, and the often misunderstood Pen Tool. Plus, create a layout using a TaylorMade Template!


Module 3: 1 Picture = 1,000 Words | Master one of the most complex displays of typography around (or so it seems!!). Learn how to create a Typography Portrait!


Workshop Includes

  • Full scrapbook kit, handwritten word art, 2 templates by TaylorMade Designs
  • Message board access
  • Printable full-color PDF handouts with step by step directions
  • Gallery for sharing your projects


Workshop Details

Instructors Amanda Taylor
Duration Self-Paced
Skill Level Beginner to Intermediate
Price $50.00 | $25.00 Retirement Sale thru May 1
Recommended Software Adobe Photoshop Elements 10+ or Adobe Photoshop CS4+


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ReviewsWhat students said:

 “I enrolled into Art of Journaling mainly because I was new to the text tool. I had just taken the Art of Photographs and was quite impressed with Amanda’s talent and her teaching ability. It really helped me to see the techniques several times in the video and the webinars. The best thing about the class is learning the technique and then being able to see examples of the technique being used – by the instructor and the students. Thanks for being willing to share your expertise and for being so patient when we have problems! And that goes for all of the instructors also!” – AoJ Student
 “I saw that beautiful Typography portrait and just had to know how to do it! The class was creative with easy to understand instructions. I love that there was a PDF version as well as the video instructions. I can’t think of anything that would have made it better. It seemed like Amanda was always available to jump right in and answer questions and that was just as I was reading things in the forum (so “outside” of class time) it was fantastic! Plus, I shared my layout in a forum I enjoy and got a nomination for Gallery Stand Out! That has never happened to me before, I was pretty excited!” – AoJ Student
 “I just want to say thank you. This class was a little stressful because I had to use tools I’ve never used before, did techniques I knew nothing about, but I think I enjoyed this class more than any other I have taken anywhere…and I say that with all due respect to every instructor I have taken classes under. I appreciate that questions were answered promptly, and options were offered until the problem was solved. This was a fabulous class. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” – AoJ Student


Frequent Questions

Q. Will this class make sense to me if I a beginner?

A. Yes! As long as you are at least familiar with Photoshop CS or Photoshop Elements, that is, you have made at least 1 scrapbook page using the program, you will be able to follow this workshop. Amanda has set the skill level to “Beginner to Intermediate” meaning that she will briefly cover the basics first and then move into the more intermediate techniques.


New to digital scrapbooking? We recommend Sans Paper Scissors for Beginners self-paced workshop.


Q. What if journaling is not my strong suit? Will I still benefit from this class?

A. Yes! You don’t have to be a poet or a writer to make text look amazing. You can use quotes or song lyrics or simple repeated phrases and display them in such a way that actually expresses what you are feeling… even if you have no idea how to say it!


Q. How do I set my access to the Adobe Photoshop version of this workshop? Or how do I set my access to the Adobe Photoshop Elements version of this workshop?

A. This workshop is integrated with lessons for BOTH Photoshop users and Photoshop Elements users. Yes, that means you’ll receive access to both types of lesson content for the entire workshop.


Q. I’m a digital kit designer. Can I use your techniques to build kits for my business?

A. Yes you may use the steps as a foundation for building your own commercial work as long as your completed textart or alphas do not resemble Amanda’s The Art of Journaling [Outside the Box] projects. And you may not use the workshop sample files in your kit creations — each are for personal use only.


Q. How long will I have access to the class?

A. All Scrapaneer workshops include forever access.


Q. Is this a live event? Will I be required to visit the site at a certain time to watch the video training?

A. The Art of Journaling is now offered as a self-paced workshop with immediate access to all lessons after enrolling. You will also receive access to class chats recorded during the previous instructor-led edition of class.


Have additional questions? Visit our FAQ center for quick answers. Or contact us directly at the Student Support center. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response. 





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