The Art of Photographs Outside the Box with Amanda Taylor


You start with a fabulous photo — it’s uploaded and edited. You sit in front of Photoshop with your fabulous photos and your favorite stash of digital designs at your fingertips and … now what? Where do you start? You choose a paper, match it with a word art, but how will you showcase your perfect photo?


Introducing The Art of Photographs [Outside the Box] by Scrapaneer Instructor and founder of TaylorMade DesignsAmanda Taylor. In this self-paced workshop, you will learn how to take your photographs outside the box, or should we say outside the frame, and turn them into art on your canvas.


Join me in unleashing the power of photoshop that can take your photos to a whole new level on your pages and maybe even change the way you look at preserving memories.


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Workshop Focus

Module 1: To Frame or Not to Frame | Learn how to determine whether or not a frame is right for what you want to express. Amanda will show you how to use frames in creative ways from how your photo is cropped and displayed within your frame, to the art of repetition and composition within your layout. When frames just won’t do, Amanda introduces the alternatives! Learn the ease and plethora of options using clipping masks and photo effects! Then, create a layout using your imagination or a TaylorMade Template.


Module 2: You Mean, There’s More? | Learn artistic ways to create full-page photo layouts, blending, create cut-outs with a SUPER easy method of extraction that involves the Pen Tool for Photoshop users and create cut-outs using Photoshop Elements extracting tools. Advanced techniques include displacement masks and how to “wrap” a pattern, texture, or text around the subject in your photo.


Module 3: Painted on and Splattered Out | Master one of the coolest and most dramatic photo effects out there: Photo Dispersion!

Workshop Introduction


Workshop Includes

  • Full scrapbook kit, a clipping mask set, and 2 templates by TaylorMade Designs
  • Message board access
  • Printable full-color PDF handouts with step by step directions
  • Gallery for sharing your projects


Workshop Details

Instructors Amanda Taylor
Duration Self-Paced
Skill Level Beginner to Intermediate
Price $50.00 | $25.00 Retirement Sale thru May 1
Recommended Software Adobe Photoshop Elements 10+ or Adobe Photoshop CS4+


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Frequent Questions

Q. Will this class make sense to me if I a beginner?

A. Yes! As long as you are at least familiar with Photoshop CS or Photoshop Elements, that is, you have made at least 1 scrapbook page using the program, you will be able to follow this workshop. Amanda has set the skill level to “Beginner to Intermediate” meaning that she will briefly cover the basics first and then move into the more intermediate techniques. If you have yet to build your first scrapbook page, we recommend Digital Scrapbooking for Beginners.


Q. How do I set my access to the Adobe Photoshop version of this workshop? Or how do I set my access to the Adobe Photoshop Elements version of this workshop?

A. This workshop is integrated with lessons for BOTH Photoshop users and Photoshop Elements users. Yes, that means you’ll receive access to both types of lesson content for the entire workshop.


Q. I’m a digital kit designer. Can I use your techniques to build kits for my business?

A. Yes you may use the steps as a foundation for building your own commercial work as long as your completed artwork does not resemble Amanda’s The Art of Photographs [Outside the Box] projects. And you may not use the workshop sample files in your kit creations — each are for personal use only.


Q. Is this a live event? Will I be required to visit the site at a certain time to watch the video training?

A. The Art of Photographs [Outside the Box] is now offered as a self-paced workshop with immediate access to all lessons after enrolling. You will also receive access to class chats recorded during the previous instructor-led edition of class.


Have additional questions? Visit our FAQ center for quick answers. Or contact us directly at the Student Support center. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response. 



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