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Pre-made Cluster Elements to Speed Up Your Pages

Hello there my digi friends. Sometimes, you want to pull together a scrapbook page quickly. Maybe you have a short amount of time, maybe you are creating a layout for a challenge and the deadline is approaching, or maybe you have lost your mojo and just need to “make” something and you’re at a loss for where to start. For these times, I encourage you to look at pre-made clusters, borders, and/or clustered frames. These are already arranged and matched for you, allowing you to focus on the photo(s) and the stories without having to stress over what supplies to use. I love a good cluster, but sometimes I just can’t seem to make them come together. I’m going to share some of my go-to designers for these types of ready-made products and a couple of layouts using these awesome time-savers.


First up, I am in love with the A Stacked Mess collections from Just Jaimee. These collections have both borders and clusters. I will often purchase them even if I haven’t purchased the corresponding scrapbooking kit because I find them to be versatile and easy to jazz up a page simply by adding one of these borders to a simple background with my photo.


Next, I also love the Borders and Flairs collections from Little Butterfly Wings. These typically have a bit more of a mixed media or art journaling type of vibe that I just love to include as an extra on my pages.


I also tend to gravitate toward the Stacked Frames from Just Jaimee.


Using Pre-Made Borders

This layout came together much quicker than I expected, and it was one of the last that I created as part of the month long challenges at The Lillypad. I have to say, I was definitely looking for everything to help speed up my scrapbooking. This border from Just Jaimee’s November 2016 Story Teller A Stacked Mess, game me just the touch I needed to add a little bling to my page. The only modification I made to this border was to add the “hello” word art on the tab which was already part of the border.


Pre-Made Clustered Border


A more artsy page using a border from Little Butterfly Wings Santa Clause is Coming.


Pre-Made Clustered Border


Using Pre-Made Clusters

This layout was super simple, with just adding the cluster. I used the “one shadow” (with a layer mask) concept from Tiffany’s Feb 2015 Champions to add the frame shadow to the top in order to get that effect on the glitter.


Pre-Made Cluster

Using Pre-Made Clustered Frames

This layout makes use of a Stacked Frame from Just Jaimee’s January 2016 Storyteller collection. I did add some extra paint and a bead scatter underneath the photo and frame to give it a littler extra spread.


Pre-Made Stacked Frame


Can I combine these? Sure you bet you can. Here I used a stacked frame and a border.


Pre-Made Clustered Border, Pre-Made Stacked Frame


I just love how quickly I can make an awesome scrapbook page by incorporating these pre-made items. If you try it, or if you love them as much as I do, link me up to some of your favorites in the comments and show me how you used them.

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