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Ready to take your digital scrapbook product design business to the next level? Of course you are!

Design Coach & Co.

Who do you turn to when you have design questions, want an expert opinion if a kit is lackluster (before you release it), or can’t quite put your finger on why your products return weak sales? Design Coaches to the rescue!


Design Coach & Company is ideal for established designers who:

  • Want to EXCEL at digital kit design.
  • Are unsure how to finesse, refine or add the small details to make kits sell strongly.
  • Aren’t attracting loyal, returning customers or seeing the sales to justify the time invested developing kits.
  • Have a long term goal to increase revenue by offering products through different sales channels (i.e.: paper manufacturing, craft stores, greeting card industry).
  • Are 100% committed to reaching your full potential as a digital scrapbook designer and professional crafter.

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