The Scrapaneers Rewards Program is a chance for you and our entire online community to earn a FREE (or discounted) workshop! Here’s the nuts and bolts of it:


2016 Rewards Update

Beginning March 1, 2016, you can receive a $35 credit for every $300 you spend at Scrapaneers.


Why the change?

Scrapaneers first opened with only a handful of classes. Now, Scrapaneers offer live events, a monthly membership class AND self-paced classes. While our old program worked well for students who purchased just classes, it did not adequately reward students who purchased memberships or live events as they do not easily fit within the 5 classes minimum.


By using a dollar amount instead, all students can fairly earn and use rewards no matter which kind of class, event, or membership they participate in.


How Scrapaneers Rewards Work

  1. Purchase a minimum of $300 of Scrapaneers offerings including live events, memberships or classes.
  2. Once you reach the $300 minimum, contact Student Services and let us know the workshop you’d like to apply your $35 creditMake it simple and contact us using this link.
  3. After we receive your request and verify your purchase history, we will email you a $35 coupon to apply to the workshop you requested!


You can check how many workshops you have purchased by logging into the Student Account Center. Your purchased workshops are listed in the Payments section of your account.


Check out our current workshop offerings and start earning your rewards today!


Terms of Use

One $35 reward coupon is only redeemable for one workshop and does not roll over. For example: if the workshop requested is only $25, the remaining $10 is not transferable to another workshop.


Rewards are based on completed payment orders only with a status of “Processed”, “Delivered” or “Completed.” Refunds can not be granted for classes that have also counted towards rewards. Rewards can not be applied to classes with a status of “Free”.


Your reward balance will reset after reaching the $300 minimum and start again.


Reward coupons can not be applied to refund (partially or in full) a previously purchased workshop.


Reward coupons can be applied to new memberships at the time they are created. Reward coupons can not be applied to already established memberships/renewals.


Questions? Please contact Student Support.