How To Save Your Images for Gallery Uploading

Janelle here today with a super easy Photoshop tip for our beginner digiscrap friends.  If you’ve just recently found digital scrapbooking, chances are you may have been lured in by some beautiful pages from an online gallery.  Whether it was Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or a digital scrapbooking store gallery, the images you saw were prepared a certain way to make them easy to view on the web.  When we create our pages for printing, we create them at a high resolution of 300 pixels per inch.  Web images only use 72 pixels per inch which makes the file size much more manageable for viewing online, and we need to save our images that way in order to upload them into the galleries.  Today I want to show you how to save your images for gallery uploading.  Because guess what??  We want to see them!

Preparing Your Image For The Galleries

When you’ve finished your layout and you’re ready to upload it, all you have to do is “Save for Web.”  You can get to that command by selecting FILE -> EXPORT -> SAVE FOR WEB.  You can also use the keyboard shortcut Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S on a PC or Option+Shift+Command+S on a Mac.

Once your Save For Web dialog box opens, there are just a few adjustments that need to be made.  First, change your pixels on the Image Size box to the appropriate size for the gallery where you want to share (see the gallery table below).  My safe bet for almost everywhere is 700 x 700 pixels.  Now click the drop down arrow from the top right and click OPTIMIZE TO FILE SIZE.

Now you can input your desired file size for the gallery you want to share your image in (again, check the table below).  The most common size limit is 250kb.

Setting your desired file size automatically changes the quality of your image so that its file size does not exceed 250kb.  You can see the change in quality and file size.  Most often I find my quality ranging from the high 60s to low 70s, and my file size just a few kb shy of 250.  Click save and now your file is all set for the galleries!!

Why Should I Upload To The Galleries?

  • Let us leave you some love!
    • The digital scrapbooking community is a pretty friendly place!  We love to see what others are creating and we often find inspiration in other people’s pages and we want to tell you so!
  • Thinking of applying for a creative team?
    • When I first started scrapbooking, I discovered that the designers I loved had a group of people known as their “Creative Team” that they depend on each week to showcase their products.  Designers often have creative team calls, where they are looking for community members to join their team.  As a team member, you get free access to their weekly releases in exchange for a scrapbook page using those products.  Designers will always ask for a link to your gallery, and you can’t apply if you don’t have one!  Uploading your pages using your favorite designers’ products will definitely increase your chances of becoming a team member.  They love to see their products being used and loved.

Digital Scrapbooking Galleries

There are lots of great galleries out there to post your images.  Most selling sites require that the majority of your page design was created with products from their store.  Viewers also love to know which products and fonts you used as well and I find adding that information to the description is always helpful to the viewers.  Here are some shop galleries you can upload to and their size requirements:


Recommended Pixel Size






700×700 (but will allow up to 8000×8000)

Max File Size Allowed







Always be sure to read any sites gallery guidelines when you join a new community.  And of course you can upload your layouts to Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook to share even more.  These sites aren’t sticklers about your page sizes as they will automatically resize your images for you.

There you have it!  Easy peasy!  So get those layouts uploaded so that we can start oooohhhhhhing and aaaaahhhhhing and leave you some love!

For another helpful article all about saving your layouts for printing, visit Lisa’s article HERE.

Did I miss your favorite gallery?  Let me know in the comments below so I can add it to this post!

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