Scrapping Photoless Pages

Sometimes we don’t have a photo to scrap a memory or a moment we want to convey.  And guess what?  We don’t need to have a photo in order to scrap a page!  “But isn’t scrapbooking all about pictures?” you ask.  No!  Of course not!  Some of my all time favorite scrapbooking pages are photoless journaling pages that I’ve created.  And in all honestly, the heartfelt journaling on the page conveys my mood and my thoughts much more so than a picture at that moment ever could.  So today, I want to address scrapping with photoless pages.  Because if you aren’t already, I think you need to have another look!

Why Scrapbook a Page without Photos?

Let’s be real here for a second.  Some of my most meaningful memories of all time, are quotes or spontaneous lines uttered from my children, jokes told over big family dinners, or emotions I’m feeling that are really wearing me down.  You can’t take pictures of those.  Maybe you were lucky enough to catch a funny line on video, but chances are, for most of the above instances, you didn’t happen to have your camera ready to capture the moment that made you laugh until you cry, or burst into tears from anger.  And if you’re in the moment, are you really going to jump up and grab your camera to snap a picture?  Probably not.

I am not a journaler.  I wish I were.  I wish I was so great at writing down every important happening or funny moment at the end of each day.  But I’m not.  Scrapbooking takes place of my journaling for me.  So, at the end of one of the aforementioned moments, I always try to write down the line, add the story to the notes app in my phone, or text about it to my husband so I can find it later and reference it.  It takes only a minute or two and will keep until I can sit down at the computer to scrap about it.

I’m going to show you ways that I’ve scrapbooked pages without photos and the inspiration behind each page to get your photoless mojo flowing!


Scrap Your Favorite Songs

If there is a song that is really resonating with me, I love to scrap about it.  The lyrics, the feelings… any reason I love the song.  It goes in my scrapbooking chronologically with my other pages in my albums so I know what else was going on with me when I was in love with that particular song.  It’s a fun way to take a walk down memory lane, as music often triggers many memories and emotions.


Scrap Your Emotions

Sometimes scrapping a page when I’m feeling pretty ugly about something is actually quite therapeutic.  I certainly don’t want to remember what I looked like when tears were streaming down my face, but I can give a pretty authentic replica of my feelings through scrapping them sometimes.  Sometimes emotions are quite dark, sometimes they are much lighter.  Scrap what you’re feeling.  I promise you that you’ll feel better when your page is done!


Scrap Old Memories That Come To Mind (think Nostalgia)

I didn’t necessarily have pictures for these pages, but I was thinking a lot about memories from many years ago and a recent occurrence had spurred the memories for each page.  I decided to create pages that journaled my feelings about some old memories near and dear to my heart.


Scrap Stories That Can’t be (or you don’t want) Captured With Images

Sometimes there is just so much going on, that photos can’t do it justice.  Whether it’s emotions, or actual happenings, there are always things that can feel overwhelming.  Sometimes you just need the whole page in order to fully tell the story.


Scrap About Upcoming Events You’re Excited or Anxious About

Sometimes there are things coming up that I am putting a lot of thought and effort into, but since they haven’t happened yet, I of course don’t have pictures to scrap about them!  So I find scrapping about them a great way to ease my nerves or get even more excited!


Scrap about Hobbies that You Love (Or Hate)

Sometimes you come across a kit that tugs at your heartstrings.  It’s themed off of your favorite hobby or your most loathed activities!  When that happens, I can’t help but put them to good use!  Don’t be afraid to be inspired by a kit that really speaks to you, but that you don’t necessarily have photos for!


Scrap Fun Stories or Quotes from Your Family

This is probably one of my most favorite pages of all time!  I was upstairs in my bedroom when my husband came up in complete exasperation and declared his famous words, “Your son just broke my heart.”  I was just waiting in anticipation of what on earth my sweet two year old could’ve possibly said or done to him when he told me it was because our son had told him that he didn’t like Star Wars.  So silly, but as big a fan as my husband is of the series, the thought of his boy not growing up to share in his joy, was apparently heart breaking.  😉  This one had to go in the scrapbook so I can giggle at it for years to come.  Silly stories like this one will be treasured when our son is much older.


I hope that these pages give you lots of different ideas on how to incorporate journaling into your scrapbooking pages when photos are absentee.  These are some of my absolute favorite and most memorable pages and I’m so very happy that I decided photoless pages were a great asset to our family scrapbook.  As always, thanks for stopping by!  Hope you enjoyed a peek at my photoless page process.

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  • blurooerika April 13, 2017   Reply →

    What a great post! Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful pages. I think pages without photos force you to be more creative. Looks like you’ve had plenty of inspiration.

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