Shannon McNab

As an avid scrapbooker since the age of 13 and a graphic designer for the past 10 years, you could say Shannon McNab was born to be a scrapbook designer. She developed a particular love for surface pattern design while in graduate school at the Savannah College of Art and Design – taking every screen printing and pattern design class available to her.


After graduating, Shannon started her own digital scrapbook business, Scotty Girl Design. What started as a hobby away from her full-time design job at Pottery Barn four years ago, has become a full-time business that she adores. Patterns are her favorite part of the process of designing and it’s no wonder since she’s well known for her bold and graphic repeats. Whether a pattern takes her an hour or three days, she relishes the moment that it all “comes together”.


Shannon currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her game designer husband, Jeff, and their adorable rescued terrier, Paisley. When she’s not designing or scrapbooking, Shannon loves to experiment in the kitchen with new recipes or travel abroad with her dSLR in tow.


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  • Katherine Engelhardt January 5, 2015   Reply →

    Welcome to Scrapaneers! I can’t wait to start on your patterns class.

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