Storyboards-How They Relate to Scrapping

Storyboards.  You’ve probably heard of them but may not know exactly what they are or how they relate to scrapbooking.  To put it simply, a storyboard illustrates changes of action visually through a series of sketches or illustrations.  Animators at Walt Disney Studios first used storyboarding in the 1930’s.  The animators drew scenes of a story and pinned them to a bulletin board sequentially.  These helped them as they organized and developed the product.  Gone with the Wind was the first film to be completely storyboarded.  Can you imagine!  They are still used by writers, illustrators, filmmakers, and advertisers to pitch a concept.  The storyboard helps the people that they are pitching to, their audience, visualize how a story, book, movie or commercial will go.  Okay, now that we know what a storyboard is let’s look at how they relate to scrapbooking.





How Do Storyboards Relate to Scrapbooking

Storyboarding is an easy transition to scrapbooking.  Scrapbookers scrap to record memories and to tell stories.  We can add titles and journaling to our pages to further develop our stories but sometimes photos can do a very good job of telling the story all by themselves.  I’m sure you’ve looked at a group of photos on a layout before and knew what happened.  The title and journaling add additional details but you get the gist of the story from the photos.  That’s an example of a storyboard on a small-scale.  Well, small-scale in comparison to a 4-hour movie!


So, a group of photos showing changes in action works great for a storyboard type layout.  I once took a series of photos of my granddaughter sliding down a tube that went through an otter pool at the zoo. Fortunately, she took her time so I got several shots of her from beginning to end as she observed the otters swimming around her.  See what I mean?




A Little Inspiration

I love this layout by Jennifer Flaherty.  Before reading the journaling I had already made a few judgments about the story.  In the top photos, I see a mixture of emotions; a little nervous anticipation, a little fear, and maybe wondering if it’s too late to back out.  But in the bottom photo, she’s obviously happy with the results.   Isn’t she adorable!




In the next layout by Katherine Hansen, we’ve definitely got some boys being boys.  I don’t know these young men but I imagine they set out to do a job and ended up having a whole lot of fun.  Then I read the journaling and found that is exactly what happened.


traditional example 2



Scrapbooks are Like Storyboards of Our Lives

It may take one layout, or several, to tell the story of a particular day or event.  We collect our layouts and organize them in a scrapbook progressively by date and event.   We will create many layouts and scrapbooks over the course of our lives.  Collectively, these scrapbooks are like storyboards of our lives.  And like sands through an hourglass, these are the days of our lives!




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