The Eclectic

My style is kind of eclectic and I don’t like to do the same thing over and over. I like to have fun and explore myself so you won’t see the same design.
– Venus Williams –


You Are Beautiful by Eclectic Style Ambassador Stacia Hall

You Are Beautiful by Eclectic Style Ambassador Stacia Hall


Your Style

SS_piechart-eclecticScrapbooking is a method of capturing the moment as well as enjoying all the yummy products and pretty stuff that “falls out of each package.” And you LOVE an assortment of different digital supplies including color, patterns, and embellishments galore.


Your pages are stacked with embellishments and you’re best at clustering similar and different embellishments together; you really know how to pile everything on. You prefer realistic page embellishments, but you’ll choose the element that works best on your layout.


You mix and match patterns comfortably without hesitation; very few of your pages feature neutral-colored backgrounds.


Even though you may feel that sometimes your page looks chaotic, you’re not throwing everything up there and hoping for the best. You prefer to arrange and manipulate the elements to get them to create the visual flow you want.


Your pages aren’t complete without word art or fun titles. You’re not afraid to feature a full-length title front-and-center on your page.


How Others Describe Your Style

Energetic • Trendy • Embellished • Scrappy • Playful • Busy • Upbeat

Christmasing With Friends by Stacia Hall

Christmasing With Friends by Stacia Hall

Your Super Power: The Master of Visual Chaos

More than any other page designer, Eclectics know how to manage the chaos of embellishments, patterns and colors they add to their layouts.


While it may look like a chaotic application of embellishments, Eclectics prefer to add and arrange elements in strategic ways.

Us by Stacia Hall

Us by Stacia Hall

Stacia Hall’s method for adding embellishments is simple: add everything from a kit on a single page, then slowly take things away. She begins by placing her photos on the page, then throws all of the digital pieces around her photos to see what works and what does not. Using this strategy, she knows the layout is done “not when there’s more to add, but when there’s nothing left to take away.” ~ Antoine de Saint Exupéry


Other ways to control chaos:

  • Layer to create dimension
  • Use text as a secret weapon
  • Use composition tools to control placement


Contrasting Style: The Abstractionist

Abstract Layout by Anna Aspnes



The Abstractionist takes advantage of the memory-keeping aspect of scrapbooking combined with new digital technology. They rely strongly on tools like blend modes, masks (both layer and page), and an assortment of brush tips to embellish their pages. They use their tools, design sense and color to guide the viewer’s eye around the page via movement and flow.


As an Eclectic, you would want to forgo using products to tell your visual story and rely on techniques, photos and brushwork to tell your visual story — a hard challenge for most Eclectics.



Want to Know More?

Go deeper into your page style! Discover:

The methods, skills and techniques other Eclectics use to:

  • Mix Patterns
  • Clustering
  • Titlework


How to leverage your style’s Super Power by:

  • Mastering Visual Chaos


And how to mix the Eclectic style with its complimentary styles for a unique, custom look:

  • Traditionalist
  • Free Spirit


Each guide includes visual examples and suggestions from Style Ambassadors who rock this style too!

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Scrapaneers Style: Book 4: The Eclectic

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