The Free Spirit

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.
– Aristotle –


Broken Wing by Free Spirit Style Ambassador Li Li Wee

Broken Wing by Free Spirit Style Ambassador Li Li Wee


Your Style

SS_piechart-freespiritDrawn to the unconventional and unexpected, scrapbooking for you is the art of playful creation. You push past perfectionism and relish a highly-intuitively, artistic, creative process.


The first rule of a Free Spirit is: You have NO rules. There’s no pressure to highlight your photos so you’re free to unwind, go wild and try everything.


Your pages are textured, full, layered and messy in a controlled chaos kind of way. Absent of whitespace, your love of paint, texture, and colors contribute to the artsy feel of your pages. A page doesn’t feel complete without digital stamps, ink splatters, grungy brushes, and hand-drawn doodles.


Visually your page design comes second to the emotion, mood, and feeling you want to convey on your page. It’s your opportunity to open your right brain and see what it wants to say regarding how you feel and what you’ve experienced.


How Others Describe Your Style

Busy • Artsy • Unconventional • Unexpected • Textured • Controlled Chaos • Full • Layered


If You Could Read My Mind by Judie B.

If You Could Read My Mind by Judie B.


Your Super Power: The Master of Happy Accidents

Driven by the message they want to communicate rather than a photo, Free Spirits embrace the odd and quirky directions their layouts move towards during page design. Free Spirits don’t challenge the oddities, rather they lean-in to the special, unique paths each layout carves as they work.


One kind of different look they embrace is by challenging how to scrapbook heritage photos. Scrapbookers typically depict their older photos as black and white stills with heritage-based kits.


Mixed Media Style | Scrapper's Style by Li Li Wee

Dream Escape by Li Li Wee


In this layout, Style Ambassador Li Li Wee transformed an older photo and mixed it into a variety of paints, brushes, stamps and photo art to recapture the feeling of long ago.


There are a variety of ways to embrace happy, free-spirited design accidents and lean-in to your creativity. Here are a few examples:

  • Scrapbook a different point of view
  • Use a different kind of unusual photo treatment
  • Express the same idea from a new angle or perspective
  • Use color and motif to create visual self-expression
  • Use a different form of journaling


Contrasting Style: The Minimalist

Scenic Route by Susanne Liedtke

Scenic Route by Susanne Liedtke



The Minimalist is the epitome of less is more. They lean towards clean, relaxed, graphic and simple scrapbook layouts.


As a Free Spirit, you would need to rely strongly on the design concept of whitespace to visually draw the eye into on important parts of your page. You would want to give extra consideration to every single detail — a hard challenge for most Free Spiits.


Want to Know More?

Go deeper into your page style! Discover:

The methods, skills and techniques other Free Spirits use to:

  • Art Journal & Practice the Art of Self-Expression
  • Mix Media
  • Apply a No-Rules Approach to Digital Scrapbooking


How to leverage your style’s Super Power by:

  • Mastering Happy Accidents


And how to mix the Free Spirit style with its complimentary styles for a unique, custom look:

  • Eclectic
  • Day Dreamer


Each guide includes visual examples and suggestions from Style Ambassadors who rock this style too!


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Scrapaneers Style: Book 5: The Minimalist



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