The Geometrist

Geometry offers the most obvious connection between math and art.
– Rachel Bernstein –


My Pretty Princess by Geometric Style Ambassador Tronesia Thomas

My Pretty Princess by Geometric Style Ambassador Tronesia Thomas


Your Style

SS_piechart-geometricGeometry is the branch of mathematics concerned with shape, size, position, proportion and properties of space. You see shape in ways no other page stylist can. You’re the mathematician of scrapbook design.


For you, crafting is like sitting down during circle time and playing with colorful blocks of paper. It’s very probable that you don’t need to use photos to craft your layouts because you can identify where the shapes of your photos should go without placing the actual photos on the page.


Your layouts usually include a fair amount of angular or circular shapes and you design your pages around the shapes or build the foundation of your page based on shape. You may also arrange your photos and scrapbook pieces into large, complex shapes, which creates visual interest on your page.


You want your page to look balanced, lined up, orderly and shapely. However, you are more concerned with helping your photos look their very best. You take great time to crop and position your photos so they visually tell the story you want to share.


You add embellishments with the purpose of supporting the colors and shape design. Every embellishment must be placed to scale so none are out balance or seem too large or too small in comparison.


How Others Describe Your Style

Modern • Balanced • Precise • Shapely • Proportionate • Aligned • Innovative


Strong by Crystal Livesay

Strong by Crystal Livesay


Your Super Power: The Master of Page Design

Geometrists take the time to balance their layout’s colors, visual flow, and shapes. But more than any other style, Geometrists find ways to innovate their style. They start with tried-and-true compositional tools, like a grid, and find ways to upgrade the composition in unexpected and visually stunning ways.


The most common compositional tool to upgrade is the grid. The grid is a page designer’s dream tool because it organizes visual information and can adapt to any kind of style or set of decorations.


Adore by Geometrist Style Ambassador Tronesia Thomas

Adore by Geometrist Style Ambassador Tronesia Thomas


In “Adore,” Tronesia Thomas upgrades the basic grid by framing the grid in a contrasting, tantalizing, neutral pattern. The added patterns to the left and proportionate trilogy of clusters add additional colors to balance the strong blue. The resulting effect makes the grid look like it’s one completed page sitting within a second page.


Upgrading composition tools is one of the best ways to create pages that are fresh, modern and innovative. Other ways you can upgrade your composition include:

  • Using positive and negative shapes
  • Varying the color, pattern, style, size, placement, rotation and use of each shape
  • Upgrading the base foundation shape
  • Upgrading using cut outs


Contrasting Style: The Day Dreamer

In Her Hands by Petra De Paepe

In Her Hands by Petra De Paepe


Fantasy is where imagination, dreams, inner thoughts and mythos meet. The Day Dreamer captures the magic of a scene that did not exist before and builds it around their favorite subjects — a character found in an expressive reality. They adore crafting the impossible adventure, a new kind of visual story.


As a Geometrist, you would need to throw all of the math, the rules of alignment, and composition tools out the window. You would want to consider telling a story using your entire imagination — a hard challenge for most Geometrists.


Want to Know More?

Go deeper into your page style! Discover:

The methods, skills and techniques other Geometrists use to:

  • Build Layouts that Take Shape within a Foundational Base
  • Create Visual Flow and Direct the Eye
  • Use Color Balance as a Secret Weapon


How to leverage your style’s Super Power by:

  • Mastering Shaped-Base Page Design


And how to mix the Geometrist style with its complimentary styles for a unique, custom look:

  • Minimalist
  • Traditionalist


Each guide includes visual examples and suggestions from Style Ambassadors who rock this style too!


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