The Shape Shifter

One does not simply build blended pages. They are born!
– Tiffany Tillman-Emanuel –


Adventure by Shape Shifter Style Ambassador Linda Davis

Adventure by Shape Shifter Style Ambassador Linda Davis


Your Style

SS_piechart-shapeshifterShape Shifters own the art of blending completely. Your artistic, and incredibly original, style blends the the spontaneous approach of contemporary collage with the visual language of shape, form, color and line.


On your page, you enjoy blending images through the use of digital tools like brushes, layer masks, blend modes, and lighting effects, in an artistic way.


While your page montages include photos of all sizes and themes, you always replace the typical boxed-in photos with organic shapes by seamlessly blending together the edges of different photos, textures and patterns.


Your photos also determine the visual direction your page design may take. You qualify every photo for use as an extraction, a blend, or a traditional story.


You rely on both two-dimensional and three-dimensional looking embellishments but you gravitate towards artsy, two-dimensional pieces that can be manipulated to match your design.


How Others Describe Your Style

Blended • Dramatic • Graphic • Montage • Seamless • Impressive • Original


The Cape Henry Light by Sue Leigh

The Cape Henry Light by Sue Leigh


Your Super Power: The Master of Blending

Shape Shifters are the undeniable masters of blending. They have an unparalleled talent for altering their photos in shape and opacity for creatively stunning effects. Shape Shifters are also not afraid to use their photos with different purposes that are built upon blending. Let’s look at an example:


Remember by Linda Davis

Remember by Linda Davis


In “Remember,” Linda Davis extracted her photo subjects and recreated a lined frame. But like a true blender, she reduced the opacity and applied a multiply blend mode to a second photo and positioned it behind her journaling. The effect coupled with the natural-toned colors creates a timeless snapshot of a memory she wants to treasure for a lifetime.


In what other ways can you used blending for different purposes on your layout:

  • Photos as blended embellishments
  • Blending embellishments
  • Colorized blending


Contrasting Style: The Traditionalist

Worlds Collide by Kim Ege


Digital scrapbooking owes its origins to paper scrapbooking and Traditionalists adore the original merit of traditional paper scrapbooking — to combine their photos with words.


Because Traditionalists focus their visual story on the photos, Shape Shifters would need to devote time perfecting their photos via photo-editing and shy away from altering photos using special effects.


Want to Know More?

Go deeper into your page style! Discover:

The methods, skills and techniques other Shape Shifters use to:

  • Background blend
  • Create multi-exposures
  • Use organic shapes


How to leverage your style’s Super Power by:

  • Mastering Blending


And how to mix the Traditionalist style with its complimentary styles for a unique, custom look:

  • Day Dreamer
  • Abstractionist


Each guide includes visual examples and suggestions from Style Ambassadors who rock this style too!


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