The Traditionalist

Good, classic design never goes out of style. It’s timeless.
– Cathy Zielske –


Spread Your Wings by Traditionalist Style Ambassador Krista Sahlin

Spread Your Wings by Traditionalist Style Ambassador Krista Sahlin


Your Style

SS_piechart-traditionalDigital scrapbooking owes its origins to paper scrapbooking and you adore the original merit of traditional paper scrapbooking — to combine your photos with words.


You take great care to arrange multiple and relevant photographs into photo-journalist compositions — your photos ALWAYS take center stage and tell a visual story. For this reason, you prefer to scrapbook with many large and medium-sized photos. Very rarely would you scrapbook with just a single, small photo.


You use patterns and embellishments to support the design of your page and help tell the story visually. While you may cluster your embellishments occasionally, any embellishments or papers added serve to support your photos first.


Because photos are your focus, you devote your time perfecting your photos via photo-editing and shy away from altering your photos using special effects


Is that It? Heck no!

We’re just scratching the surface of Traditionalist Style.


On August 21, I’d like to share with you:

  • How Traditionalists use the SUPER POWER of Master of Story Telling to build stand out pages.
  • Plus, show you how Traditionalists use arrangement and positioning methods and tactics to move your eye around the page.
  • Plus, share how Traditionalists use shadowing to create eye-catching impact.
  • And so much more!


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