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Good, classic design never goes out of style. It’s timeless.
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Spread Your Wings by Traditionalist Style Ambassador Krista Sahlin

Spread Your Wings by Traditionalist Style Ambassador Krista Sahlin


Your Style

SS_piechart-traditionalDigital scrapbooking owes its origins to paper scrapbooking and you adore the original merit of traditional paper scrapbooking — to combine your photos with words.


You take great care to arrange multiple and relevant photographs into photo-journalist compositions — your photos ALWAYS take center stage and tell a visual story. For this reason, you prefer to scrapbook with many large and medium-sized photos. Very rarely would you scrapbook with just a single, small photo.


You use patterns and embellishments to support the design of your page and help tell the story visually. While you may cluster your embellishments occasionally, any embellishments or papers added serve to support your photos first.


Because photos are your focus, you devote your time perfecting your photos via photo-editing and shy away from altering your photos using special effects


How Others Describe Your Style

Thematic • Timeless • Linear • Grid-based • Layered • Multi-photo • Event-centric


Worlds Collide by Kim Ege

Worlds Collide by Kim Ege


Your Super Power: The Master of Photo Journalism

Traditionalists use photos to tell their stories visually. It’s no wonder they’re referred to as the masters of photo journalism. Photo journalism is defined as the art or practice of communicating news by photographs, especially in magazines.


One way to take photos with journalistic power is to snap photos of a moment in sequence of first, second, and last. Let’s look at an example:


Epic Awesomeness by Jen Flaherty

Epic Awesomeness by Jen Flaherty


Jen Flaherty had her camera at the ready when it was time for her daughter’s ear piercings. Jen captured her daughter’s facial expressions before, during and after the piercing, which shows the range of emotions her daughter felt during the event. Jen provides additional backstory in her journaling for a truly narrative story approach.


In what other ways can you take a photo-journalistic approach to your scrapbooking:

  • Snap all the details
  • Get far, near and up close
  • Get landscapes, landmarks and people interacting with both
  • Think about the best position (or angle) to take your photo


Contrasting Style: The Shape Shifter

Biker by Kathy Black

Biker by Kathy Black


Shape Shifters own the art of blending completely. Your artistic, and incredibly original, style blends the the spontaneous approach of contemporary collage with the visual language of shape, form, color and line.


To adopt a Shape Shifter mindset, you’d have to be willing to alter your precious photos dramatically using blending and masking techniques — a tough challenge for any Traditionalist.


Want to Know More?

Go deeper into your page style! Discover:

The methods, skills and techniques other Traditionalists use to:

  • Use Enlarged Photos
  • Embrace the Theme
  • Help Layouts Look More Realistic


How to leverage your style’s Super Power by:

  • Mastering Photo Journalism


And how to mix the Traditionalist style with its complimentary styles for a unique, custom look:

  • Geometrist
  • Eclectic


Each guide includes visual examples and suggestions from Style Ambassadors who rock this style too!


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