How to Successfully Apply for CT Calls

Successfully Applying to CT Calls

Over the years, I have had opportunities to hold CT calls as well as to apply to them. I have written, and received, my fair share of rejection letters. Happily, I have made some of my dream teams as well. Today, I thought I would share some of my ideas of what a stellar CT application looks like from a designer’s perspective.


“Tell Me A Little About Yourself…”

Be precise in your answers – a good answer doesn’t need to be an essay. Tell the designer how you got started in digi-scrapping, what you love scrapping about, your current projects, and so on. It is also helpful to let the designer know specifically what you love about her designs. Also, be genuine! Instead of guessing what answers the designer is looking for, simply let your personality shine. Generic and cookie-cutter answers often get lost in the mix, so spend some time studying each designer’s questions and formulating your answers individually. I love it when I feel like I’m getting to know an applicant through their application!


Keep Your Gallery Updated

Keep an updated gallery. You don’t need to upload every layout you’ve ever done to it, but your last layout shouldn’t be from 2010 either. Think of this gallery as your portfolio. It should contain your best work, the layouts you’re most proud of. It should show that you’re an active scrapper who knows how to properly credit. Having layouts made with the designer’s work is awesome. It helps the designer see that you’re truly a fan and that you can make magic with her designs!


Take Amazing Photos

For me, my eyes are drawn immediately to the photos when I look at a layout. Amazing photos always attract people and will make your job of showcasing a designer’s products so much more effective. Skills such as basic editing, creative cropping, and color coordination (so your photos don’t clash with the kit) are important for a creative team member.


Find Your Style

Look at what layouts the current CT of the designer are making, and picture yourself among them. Do you have a style that compliments the team? If not, what can you do to make your style a better match? That doesn’t mean you should copy what others are making. On my team, I have people who are good at clustering, people who scrap in a clean, minimalist style, as well as people who focus on pocket scrapping. This allows me to show how my products can be used in multiple ways. The most important thing is to find your style and be spectacular at it!


Finally, keep applying! Receiving that rejection letter is no fun, but if you don’t try again, it’s never going to happen. Politely ask the designer for feedback and work on the things mentioned. As you continue to hone your skills and build your gallery, you will soon find yourself on the teams you love!

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