Sue Barnes

Sue Barnes

I love pink flamingos … I don’t know why, I just do.

Q. Tell us about you and your family.

A. My husband, son and I live in Pennsylvania, where we have resided for thirteen years. During our married life of 20 years, we have lived in various cities in the south, including Virginia Beach, Atlanta and Richmond. My son and our mixed-hound, Sassafras, provide a lot of comic relief at home. Although I am currently home, I am trained as a vocational rehabilitation counselor and have worked with people of all ages, most recently kindergartners. Who says you can’t go back to kindergarten? I think I learned the most and have the best quotes from them; they hold nothing back. I really enjoy interacting with people and am a bit of a computer geek. I volunteer for my son’s Boy Scout troop, love the outdoors, love digital scrapbooking and designing, pretend I’m great at photography and enjoy all types of crafts. And beyond that, I really like to refinish/re-purpose furniture that we then use in our house. It is hard for me to pass up a great piece, although my husband gets tired of my “queue” (as he calls it) of unfinished pieces in the basement.


Q. What program do you use for digital scrapbooking?

A. Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Illustrator


Q. Why did you join the Scrapaneers team?

A. I was so thrilled when I found Scrapaneers and explored the types of classes were offered. I started taking classes at Scrapaneers in 2013 and haven’t stopped yet. When I took classes, I was impressed by the organization, effort and thought that went into them. I loved that the format included video and, in some cases, video conferencing. In addition, my interactions in the forums were so positive and everyone (especially the Peers) were so ready to help if I had an issue or question. I can’t begin to tell you how much I learned by taking these classes and how much I enjoyed it. I really wanted to become a Forum CT so that I could encourage others who were also learning (because are you ever really done learning?!) and maybe have a positive impact on someone else. It is also so exciting to see someone else’s skills develop, especially when they have those “a-ha” moments!


Q. How long have you been scrapbooking (paper and digital)?

A. I started paper scrapbooking about ten years ago. One of my friends got me into stamping, so, besides using stamps in scrapbooking, I made all kinds of things with paper. I loved the hands-on, tactile part of the process and the creativity. When I discovered digital scrapbooking (maybe) five years later, it kind of satisfied the computer geek in me and was another outlet for creativity. Sometimes with paper scrapbooking I would get frustrated if a layout didn’t turn out the way I wanted and since it was all glued together, I felt like I used up a lot of supplies without the satisfaction of a great finished product. The thing that really hooked me on digital scrapbooking was that I could always change something, tweak something, and make it just how I wanted. I started getting into the design side about two years ago and I hope, one day, to be able to make a successful business out of it.


Q. What is your favorite layout/project of all time and why?

A. My favorite project, so far, is the first kit I constructed while taking Design Star, with Traci Reed. I think it is my favorite because that was the first time I really learned, from start to finish, how to design and kit. And, I got a lot of good practice at extracting embellishments.




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    You are obviously patient with your work as there is a lot of detail to placement of individual items.

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