Journaling Creatively

Journaling is important and when adding it to a layout I like to think creatively and outside the “text” box.  Everyone has their own reasons for scrapbooking but I believe most of us would list memory keeping as the primary reason.  Sure we want to get all those great photos and sometimes photos go a long way toward telling the story but journaling answers the questions that will undoubtedly come up at some time in the future.  I keep the 5-W’s of writing in mind when I’m journaling.  I imagine you’re familiar with the 5-W’s of writing but if not they are Who, What, When, Where and Why.  It’s easy to answer those questions now but years from now, when you’re looking back, you’ll be glad if you’ve taken the time to record the pertinent information. When I’m journaling I don’t tend to put all the information in a tidy little box unless I’m using a block style or pocket style layout.  If that’s the case text boxes are perfect but if not I like to spread information around the page a little more creatively. As you’ll see, I prefer to tuck it in here and there. I want to encourage everyone to make journaling a priority and I want to share a few ideas I use to get the information on the page but not necessarily in a box.

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Now & Then Style Journaling

One of my favorite styles of journaling on a scrapbook page is to compare “now” to “then”. This is especially easy to do if you have photographs of your subject(s) taken at different times. Let me share a few “Now & Then” journaling style layouts to inspire you.

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Write It Yourself – Journaling


The art of Scrapbooking (whether it is Paper or Digital) is for purposes of memory keeping and documenting / journaling events.  We often use journaling, photographs, memorabilia, ephemera, printed media and artwork to tell the story.


When we are documenting, sometimes it is in the form of a single line of journaling, a paragraph or a whole page. To document our pages digitally, we often search out typewriter fonts or fonts that may resemble our own handwriting. Today I am going to show you a quick way to include your own handwriting on your scrapbook pages.


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How To Create Custom Text Boxes In Photoshop

Hi all!  Janelle here today to teach you a nifty little trick to make sure your journaling is never hidden by an element again!  Have you ever wondered how people make their journaling fit into that awkward space after their flowers and leaves and everything else have been placed?  Well wonder no more!  I am going to teach you how to create custom text boxes in Photoshop to fit your journaling into any space!

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Create Your Own Font

Many digi scrappers, myself included, like to use fonts that look like handwriting to journal on their scrapbook layouts. I’ve always thought it added a nice bit of realism to my own pages. When you scrap digitally instead of using paper supplies, it’s difficult to use your own handwriting.  So, we’ve all hunted for the perfect font to use.

I’d like to share a few options that are available to us to create a font from our own handwriting or the writing of a loved one.

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Pick of the Month – Guided Memory Books

First and foremost, I consider myself a storyteller. I try to tell my own stories and those of my children in our albums, both the little day to day stories of now in my pocket albums and the larger stories in my normal 12×12 layouts.


I’ve also chosen to try to tell some of my family’s stories in our albums, too. Some of them are stories that I remember hearing as a child. Others are stories that I only learned because I asked my dad or my mom about a certain photo and it brought back a memory for them. I’ve been looking for ways to make this easier.

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