Quick fix to your photos in Photoshop CC


Many times we take photos and when we look at them on the big screen of our computer, we find that they are a tad dark, or “flat” needing a boost. Sometimes, they may be too Green or Blue, and could use some color adjustment. While this won’t work 100% of the time, it is a quick fix for most. If the color is real bad, or papers and such you are working with don’t go with the photo colors, you can change your photo to black and white. I will show you here a quick fix to do one or both.

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Photo Editing for Free

I recently sent my daughter off to college. Not long after she asked if I could recommend photo editing programs she could use on her computer for free since she no longer had access to my computer to edit her photos. Here are a couple of free photo editing tools for the computer I found that I want to share with you too.

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Easily Add Contrast To Photographs

Hey all!  Janelle here with a simple two minute (more like two second!) tip on how to easily add contrast to your photographs in Photoshop.  I picked this tip up somewhere along my digital scrapbooking journey and it’s such a good and simple trick that I just had to share.  I always love to amp up the contrast just a little in my photos.  It makes my highlights pop a bit more, and adds a little more depth to my photos, both effects that I love.  I’m always on the lookout for easy photo editing techniques, so hopefully you’ll enjoy this one!  All those amazing actions out there can be soooo expensive, so it never hurts to pick up a few editing tools yourself along the way.

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How To Fix Blemishes In Photoshop

Hi all!  Janelle here today with a super quick video tutorial where I will teach you how to fix blemishes in Photoshop.  Sometimes our kiddos get that pesky bonk or scratch, sometimes our faces are broken out, and sometimes our kids just plain have their lunch all over their face.  Whatever it is, I’m here to help!  Watch this short video to see how you can add “blemish remover” to your trusty list of scrapping abilities!

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Photo Editing Software

Most of us that scrapbook, either digitally or in paper form, spend a lot of time LIVING with our photos. We tag them, print them, store them in albums, keep them on our phones to share with our friends, post them on social media. We LOVE our photos! And because of that we want them to look their very best.


I wanted to share an overview of a few of the different types of photo editing software out there.

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