Pocket Scrapping – Capture Frames from Videos

Happy New Year! It’s been a while but I’m back with another page for my 2015 (!) album. Where in the world did 2016 and 2017 go? I’ve got plans to get those years scrapped, but for now let’s stay focused on 2015. I struggled with this week because I really didn’t have a lot of photos to choose from. I had a bunch of silly photos of me and my daughter but there was no “story” behind them. Just a lot of silly photos for no reason at all. Then I had a bunch of really blurry photos of my kids and their cousins building a blanket fort in the basement. A few obligatory birthday cake photos and one video of my daughter practicing soccer. I needed more photos, so I pulled them from the video. In today’s post, I’m going to teach you how easy it is to capture frames from videos to use as still photos in your layouts.

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Pocket Scrapping – Keeping it Simple

Hello again! Jen here to share one of my pocket scrapping layouts with you. As I stated last month, I fell off the pocket scrapping wagon a while ago and decided to publicly commit to hop back on by writing a monthly column for Scrapaneers about my journey. Since my last post, I did a little housekeeping and created my first layout in a long time and have learned a few more things along the way. The biggest lesson I learned? Keeping it simple.

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How to Turn a Grid Style Layout Into a Distressed, Artsy Layout

I love creating linear, grid style layouts. Be that as it may, it’s easy to change a grid style layout into a grungier, more organic, artsy style layout. For my example I am using a page I created last week. When I started my page I created a simple block layout to showcase a set of 6 photos. When I was done, you can certainly still see the base grid design, but I had a more distressed, artsy style page. Below you will see the simple grid base template I initially created set beside my page as it appeared when I was done with it:



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Pick of the Month – Timehop

Hi everyone. Happy summer! Can you believe it’s the end of June already? Next week we’ll be celebrating the 4th of July here in the US. As it always does, summer is flying by. Today is the last Monday of the month and that means it’s time for us here at Scrapaneers to share with you our “pick of the month.”  I was trying to think about what I wanted to share with you as my pick this month. Then it came to me. Timehop. Have you heard of it? It’s an app I downloaded on my phone ages ago and it’s something I look at pretty much without fail every single day. I love it.

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Taking Pockets to the Next Level

This month we’ve been talking about pocket-style scrapping. Can I just say, I love pocket-scrapping!  I know a lot of people are probably thinking that’s “just” for things like Project Life, but hey, I break the rules a little and use them in my everyday scrapbook pages, too.  Yeah, I’m a rebel like that. The structure of a pocket page is an awesome way to start laying down the foundation for creating and recording those more event-specific memories.  How do I do this?  Let me share some of my tricks for taking pockets to the next level.


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How to Accent Photos on a Scrapbook Page

I love creating pages with a simple grid design (think Project Life aka pocket pages). Even with a grid design, I want particular photos to “pop” and draw the viewer’s eye to a particular spot on my page. I want to talk to you today about one of the simple ways I accent photos on my scrapbook pages: by enlarging, framing and adding dimension to a photo. I created the following page last night. It’s one of a series of daily vacation pages I am including in my Project Life book. I want to keep these vacation pages super simple: just photos, words and some pretty paper and journal cards.


Scrappers Accent Photo Example 3 Barbara Unzen

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How to personalize calendar cards

I thought I’d share with you some quick tips to quickly alter calendar cards to personalize them to your design style. When I start a new year of Project Life I like to change things up just a little bit. This year I decided that instead of denoting the number of the week I’m documenting, instead, every week I’m going to use a calendar card of some sort and highlight the days of the week on the card. Calendar cards are quick and easy, yet effective in showing the viewer what week I’m documenting.


For my example I’m using a calendar card from Just Jaimee’s 2015 Storyteller Collection. It’s a simple black and white card so it’s easy to alter. I’ll describe for you the steps I used to personalize my card:



Calendar Card Before and After


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New Year, New Project


For many of us, the start of a brand new year calls for the start of a brand new scrapbooking project. Or maybe you’ve been looking around on Facebook and wondering what everyone is talking about. I’ve asked some scrappy friends and looked around in some online galleries to find some examples of long-term scrappy projects… just in case you haven’t decided yet. If you are new to scrapbooking and some of the terminology, I thought I would demystify some of the abbreviations out there.

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