Pocket Scrapping – Keeping it Simple

Hello again! Jen here to share one of my pocket scrapping layouts with you. As I stated last month, I fell off the pocket scrapping wagon a while ago and decided to publicly commit to hop back on by writing a monthly column for Scrapaneers about my journey. Since my last post, I did a little housekeeping and created my first layout in a long time and have learned a few more things along the way. The biggest lesson I learned? Keeping it simple.

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New Year, New Project


For many of us, the start of a brand new year calls for the start of a brand new scrapbooking project. Or maybe you’ve been looking around on Facebook and wondering what everyone is talking about. I’ve asked some scrappy friends and looked around in some online galleries to find some examples of long-term scrappy projects… just in case you haven’t decided yet. If you are new to scrapbooking and some of the terminology, I thought I would demystify some of the abbreviations out there.

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