Weaving Ribbon Through Alphas and Elements

Weaving ribbon or string through alphas or other elements adds a lot of realism and depth to a scrapbook page.  As I’m working on digital scrapbook pages I try to think as if they’re traditional paper layouts.  Weaving ribbon through alphas can add depth and interest to a title.  Threading string through dangling elements adds depth and serves to attach the element to the layout.  Today, using Photoshop Elements 15, we’ll put some of these ideas into action and see how easy it is to do.

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I just love the look of a “cut-out” without actually touching a scissor! Today we are going to do some “cut-out” title work to make your digital pages have a 3D or hybrid look. This can also be done with shapes and photos too for the cut out look. Let’s get right to it!

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Top 10 Text Tips in Photoshop Elements

Today I want to share my top 10 text tips using Photoshop Elements 15.  When I first started using PSE I didn’t even know how to enter text on a layout.  Since then I’ve learned a lot about type tools and entering text in ways that go beyond using a simple text box.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes a simple text box is all you need but there is much more we can do when we don’t confine ourselves to that simple little box!  I hope some of these tips will help you too.

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Layers Palette Basics in Photoshop Elements

The Layers Palette in Photoshop Elements may seem a bit overwhelming in the beginning.  In this tutorial, we’ll explore it and break down some basics.  First of all, there are several types of layers as demonstrated in the graphic below.  Each layer is like a slide that stacks on top of the next to create a scrapbook page. Image layers include such things as background papers, fill layers which may be a solid color, gradient, or a pattern, photos, and elements.  An Adjustment layer is a special type of layer used to make nondestructive modifications to a layer.  Shapes drawn using the shape tool are on Shape layers.  Type layers are for adding words to your layout.  That’s a lot of information already.  Next, we’ll look at each type of layer and how they’re used.

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6 Techniques to Create Stunning Layouts

These six techniques will teach you how to create stunning layouts.  These design principles are the same techniques used by photographers, artists, florists, architects, interior designers, scrapbookers and other creatives.  They are simple yet powerful techniques that will transform your layout into an interesting and dynamic composition.  

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How to Recolor Styles in Photoshop Elements

I love Photoshop Styles and there are so many available to choose from!  Designers create Styles with a color palette in mind.  But what if the Styles Effect you want to use doesn’t match the colors in your layout?  No problem, you can use any Styles Effect if you know how to recolor Styles.  Today we’ll use Photoshop Elements to recolor Styles to match your palette.

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Dust and Scratches Filter: Adobe PS and PSE

I want to share with you a quick tip for cleaning up dust and scratches from photos. I’ve noticed that some of my older scanned photos aren’t all that great. It doesn’t look like I was all that careful in the scanning process and there is a fair amount of dust on some of my scans. That’s a pretty easy problem to solve. I just use the Dust and Scratches filter in Photoshop. The filter is also available in Photoshop Elements.


This is the image I’m going to be working with. Notice all the dust on the image? I’m guessing I didn’t clean my scanner bed before scanning my image. No worries, this is an easy problem to solve.


DustandScratchesFilter BEFORE

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