Recipe Cards Made Easy

Now is that time of year where we go for tradition, and bust out those handed down family recipes to make everyone’s favorite meals and treats.  For some recipes, we only make them once a year.  Those are the ones most of us look forward to and anticipate, as they become more special than the routine dishes and desserts. What better way to share them with others than with your own creative recipe card!

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Animated Snow in Photoshop

Creating Animated Snow in Photoshop


Welcome to December on the Scrapaneers blog!  Today we are kicking off a month filled with fabulous creative tutorials, some surprise guests and a free and FABulous collaboration called Winter Magic.  Join us every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in December to collect all the Winter Magic downloads and learn some digital tips and tricks along the way.  I am kicking things off with a fun tutorial for creating animated (falling) snow on your digital pages.  Ready to get started?  Then come on in and join me . . .


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Black Friday Madness Inspiration

Hello everyone, and happy day after Thanksgiving to those in the States!  Actually, today is more commonly known as “Black Friday.”  This phrase was originally used to refer to the great market crash and ensuing depression of 1869 (which occurred on Friday, September 24).  Today, it has a much more positive connotation (both to the economy and to the retail industry).  Essentially, “Black Friday” is the day when many retailers go from being in the red (operating at a loss) to being in the black (operating at a profit).  It is the biggest shopping day of the year in the States.  In honor of Black Friday, I’m going to talk about different ideas for commemorating your shopping experience.  Want to hear more?  Read on . . .

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Okay… show of hands… who is doing some version of 30 Days of Thankful /Gratitude starting tomorrow? I know I am! This will be my family’s third year of documenting the things in our lives for which we are thankful, both big and small, on a daily basis.


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Capturing Thanksgiving Memories

Seasonal holidays. We have them all year, but now we’re getting ready for the big push: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Kwanza, Christmas, New Year’s … oh my!  Throw in some holiday parties, perhaps a birthday or two, anniversaries … you’re ready to pull your hair out, aren’t you? Recording those holiday memories can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be with a little pre-planning. Let’s talk a little about Thanksgiving. Now, being Australian, Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday I was accustomed to celebrating growing up, but after more than 20+ years in the United States, it’s one I’ve adopted as my own. For many of us, this holiday is one centered on food and family. In fact, if you ask my son about Thanksgiving, he’ll immediately tell you it’s all about the food, specifically gravy and stuffing – and the larger the quantity, the better. Hey, he’s a teenager with a voracious appetite … everything’s about food! However, when it comes to capturing your Thanksgiving memories, there’s a lot of other things you can document.

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