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The art of Scrapbooking (whether it is Paper or Digital) is for purposes of memory keeping and documenting / journaling events.  We often use journaling, photographs, memorabilia, ephemera, printed media and artwork to tell the story.


When we are documenting, sometimes it is in the form of a single line of journaling, a paragraph or a whole page. To document our pages digitally, we often search out typewriter fonts or fonts that may resemble our own handwriting. Today I am going to show you a quick way to include your own handwriting on your scrapbook pages.


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A Simple “Artsy” Formula

I’ve never one to be afraid to try something new, especially when I comes to digital scrapbooking. After all, the “undo” command is my best friend. After drooling over the lovely “artsy”-type layouts in the gallery and after a bit of experimenting on my own, I’ve come up with a simple formula that represents my “artsy” style.

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How to Turn a Grid Style Layout Into a Distressed, Artsy Layout

I love creating linear, grid style layouts. Be that as it may, it’s easy to change a grid style layout into a grungier, more organic, artsy style layout. For my example I am using a page I created last week. When I started my page I created a simple block layout to showcase a set of 6 photos. When I was done, you can certainly still see the base grid design, but I had a more distressed, artsy style page. Below you will see the simple grid base template I initially created set beside my page as it appeared when I was done with it:



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DIY Love Notes

February has been dubbed the month of Love. It’s the time of year we rush around getting Valentine’s Day cards for our kids to share with their friends, and when we celebrate those we love and care about with thoughtful gifts and sentiments. However, we can share love notes anytime of the year…not just when the calendar and Hallmark Stores tell us to, right? As digital scrapbookers we have a trusty tool at our disposal in Photoshop/PSE. Today I’m going to show you some basics on how to create your own DIY love notes using the Custom Shape tool.

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Year In Review Scrapbook Layout Ideas

Summaries, conclusions… we learned all about them in English class at school. They are a way to draw representative pieces from within an entire project, tie everything up in a neat little bow and feel like the story is finished. In this same vein, I’ve loved using Year In Review layouts in my scrapbooks over the past several years. They are an ideal way to summarize the year for any sort of weekly/monthly documentation project or for your annual holiday album.

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Pocket Layouts Can Be Artsy Too!

Some people think pocket scrapping is too clean and linear for their style, so they don’t try it. Even paper pocket-style layouts can be dimensional and layered with items both inside and stuck on the outside of the pockets. The beauty of digital means our pocket scrapbook layouts can LOOK thick, or sticky with paint and packed to the brim but they will still fit neatly inside a plastic sleeve or printed out in a photobook.

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Using Photoshop Styles

Have you ever wanted to make a little something special for your scrapbook page? It might be an element, might be just creating your own word art or an eye-catching title. If you have, I’m sure you have entered the wonderful world of using Photoshop styles.

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Photo Editing Software

Most of us that scrapbook, either digitally or in paper form, spend a lot of time LIVING with our photos. We tag them, print them, store them in albums, keep them on our phones to share with our friends, post them on social media. We LOVE our photos! And because of that we want them to look their very best.


I wanted to share an overview of a few of the different types of photo editing software out there.

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