How to Turn a Grid Style Layout Into a Distressed, Artsy Layout

I love creating linear, grid style layouts. Be that as it may, it’s easy to change a grid style layout into a grungier, more organic, artsy style layout. For my example I am using a page I created last week. When I started my page I created a simple block layout to showcase a set of 6 photos. When I was done, you can certainly still see the base grid design, but I had a more distressed, artsy style page. Below you will see the simple grid base template I initially created set beside my page as it appeared when I was done with it:



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Year In Review Scrapbook Layout Ideas

Summaries, conclusions… we learned all about them in English class at school. They are a way to draw representative pieces from within an entire project, tie everything up in a neat little bow and feel like the story is finished. In this same vein, I’ve loved using Year In Review layouts in my scrapbooks over the past several years. They are an ideal way to summarize the year for any sort of weekly/monthly documentation project or for your annual holiday album.

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How to create and embellish with styles

I’m sure you use layer styles all the time when you create your digital scrapbook pages. You use layer styles on your pages when you shadow your embellishments. I want to build on that and talk about some of the amazing things YOU can create with the click of a button using some of the styles created by designers. You can even create your own styles!

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How to Create & Use Layer Groups in Photoshop

We all know that when we create a layout in Photoshop the Layers panel can get pretty messy with lots and lots (and lots!) of layers. I’m here to talk about a way you can organize your Layers panel using Layer groups to make editing your document so much easier. I don’t know about you, but there are times when I’m making a complex page that I can easily have over 100 layers in the Layers panel. Layer groups keep the Layers panel manageable. Photoshop uses Layer groups natively. Unfortunately Photoshop Elements does not. Have no fear though! I talked with some of my Scrapaneers Peers and they shared with me that there is an action set you can purchase that allows you do this. I’ll share that information at the end of my post.

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