Template: Flip it in PSE and Preserve Text

So, you’ve got a template you want to use, but the orientation is all wrong for your photo(s). No worries, with digital, it is so easy to make it just exactly how you want it. I’m going to share an easy tip today for flipping a template and fixing the the journal blocks so the text isn’t backward. All steps are shown in PSE15.


I’m using a free template by Sara Gleason for this tutorial (Paper Garden) and you can find it on her blog here. I’m using the fun Summer Delights kit by Studio Basic and Traci Reed for this layout.



original template


Step 1 – Copy Layers to a New File


Just to make sure I don’t overwrite the original template, I like to copy the layers into a new file. Highlight all the layers (click on the background layer, hold shift key and click on the top layer), right click. Choose Duplicate layers and then from the drop down choose New.


duplicate template layers


create new template file


I also like to rename my background paper to the capture the template file name. This helps me when capturing credits for posting in on-line galleries.


rename background layer to template name


Step 2 – Flip Template Horizontally


This is a great simple template, but for my photo, I’d really like the template flipped horizontally, so my photo will be facing into the page instead of out of the page. Easy, peasy. On the top menu bar selection Image -> Rotate -> Flip Horizontal.


flip template horizontal


And voila! But wait a minute. Look at what happened to my journaling block. All the text is backwards. Well, that’s a pretty simple fix too.


template text is backward


Step 3 – Correct Journaling Blocks


Make sure to highlight the layer of the journaling block.


select template journal layer


Again, we’ll go up to the top menu bar and select Image -> Rotate. This time though, we only want to flip the layer. So make sure you scroll down to the Flip Layer Horizontal selection.


flip template layer horizontal to fix text


Step 4 – Fill out your Template


Now, we’re all set to finish up the layout. If you haven’t already done so, now that you’ve got the template altered the way you like, its a good time to save your file. Add your papers, photos, elements and journaling to create your layout.


Here is what my completed layout looks like, layers and all


final filled out template


The final layout


finished layout with flipped template

Sara Gleason Papergarden Free Template
Studio Basic/Traci Reed Summer Delights


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