• Catapult Your Digital Skills to the Next Level of Creative Scrapbooking

    We transform boring digital techniques and routine practical methods into gorgeous, eye-popping creativity so you can focus on this digital scrapbooking hobby that you love!

    That's Champions.

Champions for Digital Scrapbookers

For Adepts/Intermediate

  • Adobe Photoshop® (CS6, CC) or Adobe Photoshop Elements® (version 15 or above) required
  • Ongoing monthly classes
  • Reoccurring subscription — learn at your own pace
  • Prerequisites: Beginner Digital Scrapbooking or similar experience



So, you’ve mastered the basics of digital scrapbooking! Groovy.


You can craft beautiful layouts filled with your most important memories (those words + photos). You print and design cohesive, cookie-cutter albums that add to your life and home. High five.


But there’s something else. Your pages begin to look exactly the same. Same kinds of colors. Same kinds of patterns. Same kinds of supplies every-single-time.


And you haven’t yet stepped away from templates. Or pushed yourself outside of your style comfort zone. Or challenged yourself to try something new, WILD, and eye-popping-gorgeous in a long time.


But you WANT to because scrapbooking for you isn’t just about recording memories. Scrapbooking is your time to savor and practice your creativity!


Which means you’re now ready to catapult to the next level of digital scrapbooking, but you’re not sure how to take the next step and get CREATIVE.


You need a Creative Strategy.


You need a creative, digital scrapbooking strategy that combines the steps of what to do with what to use and how for the kinds of layouts you want to create.


And you need a guide — someone who can personally assist you with the techniques you want to master.


You need someone to quickly show you how to make the pages and projects you envision — the kinds of scrapbook layouts you would be proud to display on your coffee table.


And you need both the strategy and the guide when you sit down to scrapbook on your schedule — in the middle of the day while your kiddo naps. Or at night when you finally have that me time.


This is where Champions can help you!


Champions provides you with the monthly support and guidance you need to jump to the next level, get your creative pages done and into your scrapbooks. Champions is the place to turn to for technical direction and practical methods so you can focus on enjoying the creative process of digital scrapbooking.




A New & Unique Page Design Every Month

Unique Digital Scrapbooking Page Designs

Each month, we focus on a set of related, easy-to-recreate techniques that deliver one (or more) completed, beautiful page layout(s) via video lessons. We call this a creative strategy. And as your bag of digital strategies grows, you’ll learn how to apply different techniques on your pages to craft any kind of layout or project that you envision!


Take a look at some of the layouts we create and techniques we learn below:

  • Strategy no. 2: Digital Cut Outs

    Why are we so excited about digital scissor cut-outs? Thankfully, as digital scrapbookers, we don’t have to heehaw over die cut machines, old or new, to create amazing unique cut outs for our digital scrapbook pages!

    Techniques include: cut outs via selection tools, cut outs via inner shadows, patterned-paper based cut outs, photo extractions using the Quick Selection Tool, edge refined silhouettes and double-duty shadowing.

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    Strategy no. 2: Digital Cut Outs
  • Digital Strategy no. 4: Gradient Power

    Gradients are one of a few photo-editing tools you’ll find as a style, an adjustment layer, a fill layer and in the tools panel. And for good reason — they’re simply versatile allowing you to create a myriad of looks with just a few clicks!

    Techniques include: black and white conversions + high key special effects, color swatch creation, ombre paper construction, blending multiple photos seamlessly to form a background, blend downs using photographic toning, blend ups using blend modes, and adding a gradient style to a digital stamp (for PS users).

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    Digital Strategy no. 4: Gradient Power
  • Strategy no. 11: Double Exposure Special Effects

    This strategy will help you create a page reflective of the spirit of the holidays and what you celebrate! And one technique worthy of a reflective spirit page is the Double Exposure and creative layered images.

    Techniques include: 3 ways to prep for a double exposure based on theme, colors and shape, tips for pairing photos together in a double exposure, how to create a simple double exposure using blend modes, how to create a dramatic double exposure using extractions and patterns, how to adjust your blend mode settings to accommodate different backgrounds, designing a page around a focal point, tips for reducing ‘bulk’ on an embellished page, reflective text using gradients and dramatic looks using page lighting.

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    Strategy no. 11: Double Exposure Special Effects
  • Strategy no. 14: Brush Boss & Stamp Effects

    Build a beautiful, artistic, multi-photo page design that focuses on brushes (digital stamps).

    Techniques include: how to use watercolor-based brushes to create 3 different kinds of journaling cards: colorized, resist and complex background using blend modes, painting modes, masking, shape dynamics, color dynamics and wet edges (for PS users only), how to use watercolor-based brushes to create a multi-photo layout of photos from different scenes, focus on blocking to help place photos attractively, add masks to rebuild a background behind a subject, and highlight the artistry of the edge work and colors to move the eye around the page and improve the page visually.

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    Strategy no. 14: Brush Boss & Stamp Effects
  • Strategy no. 15: Infographic Scrap

    Infographics are stunning: they’re created to catch your attention and visually present a ton of information using simple elements of design. And they’re a storyteller’s perfect weapon! For this strategy, we’ll transform infographics into digital scrapbooking layouts.

    Techniques include: the 4 most common kinds of infographics, explore how infographic style helps scrapbookers communicate a story, develop the framework of layout using infographic styling, how to create flow with dotted lines using the Brush tool, how to create flow with directional lines using the Rounded Rectangle tool and masks, how to create Text Groupings, how to create dynamic Subway Art, how to create a pie chart using the Polygonal Lasso Tool, where and how to use dingbats for flat decorations and visual storytelling resources, how to transform dingbats into stylish icons, decorating an infographic using scrapbooking embellishments, and more advanced looks using extracted photos in lieu of snapshots

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    Strategy no. 15: Infographic Scrap
  • Strategy no. 23: Kitschy Done Right

    For this strategy, you’ll learn how to balance a campy, dare I say kitschy, look with solid design choices to create one gorgeous, thrown-together, kitschy-inspired, eye-catching page with one electrifying title.

    Techniques include: an introduction to kitschy Design, how to design a layered tree-shaped motif, layering & separating in a kitschy style, adding drama to balance the kitschy style, quickly-cutting tattered photo mats, adding white inking (frosting), building extra depth on a designer’s sticker, how to develop neon title effects using Layer Styles & Effects

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    Strategy no. 23: Kitschy Done Right
  • Strategy no. 29: Media Mixer

    Have you ever noticed how hard it is to start a mixed media page? Have you ever wondered how other scrapbookers seem to build mixed media pages quickly and easily while yours take forever? Have you ever thought, “I love the collage look of mixed media but mine NEVER looks like a collage in the end?”

    There’s a secret sauce for getting your mixed media page started! And if you know why you need to use the secret sauce AND how to apply it, you’ll find that you too can bust out mixed media pages pretty darn fast that also have that beautiful, collage-style look.

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    Strategy no. 29: Media Mixer
  • Strategy no. 33: Steampunk Blending

    When I think of Steampunk, I imagine rusty, sepia-toned, old parts with clocks, broken textures and cogs straight out of a factory. And that’s exactly what this Steampunk strategy highlights on a scrapbook page!

    Techniques included: how to transform a peaceful sunset photo into a burning inferno, blending different kinds of photo into a background scene, how to add rust, texture and grime to both finished embellishments, and “naked” objects, developing steam and water condensation digitally, and creating a rusty title

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    Strategy no. 33: Steampunk Blending
  • Strategy no. 34: Fantasy Photo Art

    Digital scrapbooking comes in all shapes and forms and one that I love to look at but feel intimidated by is Digital Fantasy Art or Photorealistic Art. Photorealistic art often allows us to build a dramatic, fantasy world around our own characters — painting them as a hero in a world of true-to-life imagination.

    Techniques include: using Adjustment Layers to change tone and color match, using realistic brushes to build your scene, resizing repeated elements to create depth to a scene, creating realistic lights, how to create hair and a cheat on the process, dodging and burning to make your page pop

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    Strategy no. 34: Fantasy Photo Art

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2018 Champions Preview

2018 Champions Preview

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Champions’ Benefits

New Strategies Each Month

New Strategies Each Month

You’ll receive a brand new creative strategy every single month with a set of related, easy-to-recreate techniques that focuses on a specific kind of page style and process.

Help for BOTH Programs

Help for BOTH Programs

Grow your understanding of Adobe® Photoshop® and Photoshop Elements® with brand new techniques presented for both programs.

Learn on the Go

Learn on the Go

No need to stay glued to your computer. Download all of the high-quality, in-depth video lessons and replay from any device.

Backtracking Guide

Backtracking Guide

With over 34 creative strategies (and growing) in our library, there’s a good chance you’ll need assistance enjoying our previously shared techniques. We’ll help you gradually digest our earlier strategies.

Unlimited Access Library

Unlimited Access Library

Get immediate access to over 34 creative strategies including 200+ videos, 34+ kits, 150+ templates and 34 skill books for as long as you remain a member.

Supportive Resources

Supportive Resources

Each strategy includes an exclusive digital kit by a top-notch digital product designer, layered templates that give you a head-start on your layouts, and a PDF skill book with all the step-by-step instructions.



Join a growing group of like-minded digital scrapbookers. Get inspiration, view how others have worked the strategies and get your questions answered 24/7 by veteran peers.

Monthly Meetings

Monthly Meetings

Get one-on-one support with Tiffany for breaking through your current digital stumbles. Participate live or catch-up later via video replays in the Champions library.

Champions for Digital Scrapbookers

Catapult Your Digital Scrapbooking Creativity
with a Champions Membership


Champions is active every month, all-year round. Membership includes:



  • Full and complete access to the entire Champions library of strategies
  • A new creative strategy added to the library each month
  • On-demand and downloadable meeting recordings
  • Digital kits by professional designers in the digital community
  • Bonus supplies when lessons require extras
  • A monthly step-by-step companion guide
  • Access to our positive, private champions-only community
  • 10% off classes and events hosted by Scrapaneers.com


Pay Every Month
$20every month
  • 1 month full access to the entire Champions' library of strategies
  • Automatic renewal every month
  • No commitment - cancel anytime
Pay Every 6 Months
$99every 6 months
  • Save $21: pay for 5 months get the 6th month FREE
  • 6 months full access to the entire Champions' library of strategies
  • Automatic renewal every month
  • No commitment - cancel anytime
Best Value: Pay Every 12 Months
$159every year
  • Save $81: pay for 8 months get the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th months FREE
  • 12 months full access to the entire Champions' library of strategies
  • Automatic renewal every month
  • No commitment - cancel anytime

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are fully committed to helping you digital scrapbook efficiently, creatively, and with less fuss! If you complete Champion Orientation and don’t feel it’s the perfect fit, you may cancel within the first two weeks of subscription with no penalty and we’ll happily refund 100% of your first payment. Available to first-time Champion members only. 


Frequent Questions


Q. Will Champions work for me?

A. Champions is not recommended for beginners. It is expected that you know the basics of digital scrapbooking. If you don’t know the basics, or need a refresher, then we recommend The Digital Scrapbook Academy membership here at Scrapaneers.


Q. Do I have time for Champions?

A. If you’re like many digital scrapbookers we know, you’re already spending time weeding through tutorials that you don’t need. Champions aims to put the solutions you need in one place so you always know where to find support.


You don’t have time NOT to do this. Whether you ask Tiffany during a monthly meeting, ask a question in our community group, navigate through the Champions library, or seek assistance through Student Support, we’ll do our best to put you on the right path as quickly as possible.


Q. If I start a 1 Month, 6 Month or 12 Month Plan and cancel, will I still have access to what I’ve already purchased?

A. You’ll want to download everything you’ve had access to in Champions before your subscription lapses. After your subscription lapses, you will not have access to Champions.


Q. Can I purchase the strategies separately?

A. No. We don’t offer the strategies separately for one very good reason: some strategies refer you back to a previous video technique featured in a different strategy to ‘catch up’ or a kit (typically a style) that you’ll need to use. The only way we can refer you back is if you can access all of our previous strategies.


Q. What strategies are currently in the Champions library?

A. View a quick list of the current library of classes.




Who Leads Champions?

Tiffany Tillman Emanuel is the founder of Scrapaneers. Through Champions, Tiffany is a go-to resource for what digital scrapbookers desire to create.


A little note from Tiffany: “Champions isn’t about adopting my style and my process. It’s about understanding how you can adapt any design style, product and strategy to carve your own creative happy place. It’s about feeling strong and confident in your own page crafting because you understand the Art and techniques. So you can sit down excited to scrapbook every single time and enjoy your life’s details for years to come.”


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