You don’t have time for frustration
just because you use a computer to scrapbook.

You need the keys to unlock
EASY, FUN and FAST Digital Scrapbooking.

All I Wanted to Create …

All I wanted to create was a baby book. With a certain kind of look and a certain kind of style that highlighted the monumental moments of my kiddo’s first year of life.


I could see the book in my head. And I wanted to use my computer to create it so the book would match MY vision. Not someone else’s photobook. MY very own baby book.


So, first, I had to learn a program that could mimic the look of scrapbook pages.


Next, I needed to learn how to create the look I envisioned. I scoured YouTube videos, experimented, got trapped into downloading too many products and spent way too much time searching for answers instead of scrapbooking.


And the worst part was with all that wasted time (and money), I still wasn’t having fun. I no longer felt creative enough. And my baby book certainly didn’t look the way I envisioned, which was the entire point!


I didn’t feel like I knew what I was doing. And I was frustrated!

“Tiffany, you’ve taught me ways to use tools in Photoshop that I had no idea how to use.
I look forward each month to seeing what new techniques you will cover
and the kit that comes with it! Thank you!”


Digital Scrapbooking IS Challenging

And there are some solutions. YouTube is saturated with tons of different techniques. And blog posts provide screenshots and steps.


But the techniques you find around the internet don’t always look right on your own pages with your photos because YOUR photos are different. Or YOUR program is a different version. Or you aren’t using the same kit. Or something is plain wrong.


Plus all that research cuts into YOUR precious scrapbook time.


So maybe you stick to one look. But your pages start to look the same over and over again! And you don’t feel creative enough.


Then you try to recreate a different look — one you saw in a gallery — but you aren’t sure how to recreate it. So you go back to the endless internet search. That’s overwhelming!


And you’re frustrated.


Having a digital scrapbook strategy will remove that frustration.

You need a creative strategy.

You need a creative, digital scrapbooking strategy that combines the steps of what to do with what to use and how.


And you need a guide — someone who can personally assist you with the techniques you want to master.


You need someone to quickly show you how to make the pages and projects you envision — the kinds of scrapbook layouts you would be proud to display on your coffee table.


And you need both the strategy and the guide when you sit down to scrapbook on your schedule — in the middle of the day while your kiddo naps. Or at night when you finally have that me time.


This is where Champions comes in.

Champions provides you with the support and guidance you need to move past overwhelm, get your pages done and into your scrapbooks.


Champions is the place to turn to for technical direction and practical methods so you can focus on enjoying the creative process of digital scrapbooking.

“Another month, another home run! Tiffany, you’ve given us these amazingly sexy techniques
that are yet one more way digital scrapbooking is cooler than traditional.
Just try making one of these with paper! Champions ROCKS!”


What’s included with a Champions membership?

Each month, we focus on a set of related, easy-to-recreate techniques that deliver one (or more) completed, beautiful page layout(s). We call this a creative strategy. And as your bag of digital strategies grows, you’ll learn how to apply different techniques on your pages to craft any kind of layout or project that you envision!

New Strategies Each Month

New Strategies Each Month

You’ll receive a brand new creative strategy every single month with a set of related, easy-to-recreate techniques that focuses on a specific kind of page style and process.

Help for BOTH Programs

Help for BOTH Programs

Grow your understanding of Adobe® Photoshop® and Photoshop Elements® with brand new techniques presented for both programs.

Learn on the Go

Learn on the Go

No need to stay glued to your computer. Download all of the high-quality, in-depth video lessons and replay from any device.

Backtracking Guide

Backtracking Guide

With over 24 creative strategies (and growing) in our library, there’s a good chance you’ll need assistance enjoying our previously shared techniques. We’ll help you gradually digest our earlier strategies.

Unlimited Access Library

Unlimited Access Library

Get immediate access to over 24 creative strategies including 150+ videos, 30+ kits, 100+ templates and 24 skill books for as long as you remain a member.

Supportive Resources

Supportive Resources

Each strategy includes an exclusive digital kit by a top-notch digital product designer, layered templates that give you a head-start on your layouts, and a PDF skill book with all the step-by-step instructions.



Join a growing group of like-minded digital scrapbookers. Get inspiration, view how others have worked the strategies and get your questions answered 24/7 by veteran peers.

Monthly Meetings

Monthly Meetings

Get one-on-one support with Tiffany for breaking through your current digital stumbles. Participate live or catch-up later via video replays in the Champions library.

Project Marathons

Project Marathons

Can’t seem to finish your larger projects? Join one of four yearly activities to receive timely encouragement via group accountability and finally get your albums displayed in your home.

The resources in the library are valued over $1200. If you were to schedule a private meeting with Tiffany, it would cost over $300 with a waiting period of 3 months or more.


Library includes 24 strategies + a BRAND NEW strategy each month!

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Bonuses? You betcha!

Champions has a brand new group of member-only bonuses for 2017:


Bonus 1: Scrapper’s Style Guides

Unlearn everything you thought you knew about style by personalizing your digital page-building process. Eight expert Style Guides provide design strategy and insight for satisfying your unique, inner creative. Available in Spring 2017. An $80 value.


Bonus 2: Scrapper’s Style Symposium

Following the release of the 8-part Scrapper’s Style Guides, meet with eight digi-style Ambassadors to learn their go-to steps for painless, creative, decision-making. Available in Spring 2017. A $25 value.


Bonus 3: Heritage & Me Seminar

A seven-day educational seminar for uncovering historical documentation, restoring old photos and developing (or adding to) a heritage album. Available in Fall 2017. A $35 value.


Bonus 4: 10% Discount on All Non-Champions Classes

Receive a 10% discount coupon code every month towards Scrapaneer classes and events — not already included in your class library.



“Through Champions, I have learned new skills that keep on giving to me.
I love being able to go back and watch any class again later if I need to.
Some of the strategies are very easy and some much more difficult.
It is the mix that keeps me coming back.”


What does a membership cost?

$20every month
  • Includes this month's current class.
  • 1 month access to the ENTIRE Champions strategies of 24+ classes.
  • Includes over 150+ videos, 50+ kits, 96+ layered templates, and all handouts and meeting replays.
  • Automatically renews every month.
  • Cancel at any time. Stay subscribed and LOCK IN this rate until you cancel.
6 Months
$99every 6 months
  • Save $21: Pay for 5 months get the 6th month FREE.
  • Includes this month's current class.
  • 6 months access to the ENTIRE Champions strategies of 24+ classes.
  • Includes over 150+ videos, 50+ kits, 96+ layered templates, and all handouts and meeting replays.
  • Automatically renews every 6 months.
  • Cancel at any time. Stay subscribed and LOCK IN this rate until you cancel.
12 Months
$159every year
  • Save $81: Pay for 8 months get the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th months FREE.
  • Includes this month's current class.
  • 12 months access to the ENTIRE Champions strategies of 24+ classes.
  • Includes over 150+ videos, 50+ kits, 96+ layered templates, and all handouts and meeting replays.
  • Automatically renews every 12 months.
  • Cancel at any time. Stay subscribed and LOCK IN this rate until you cancel.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are fully committed to helping you digital scrapbook efficiently, creatively, and with less fuss! If you complete Champion Orientation and don’t feel it’s the perfect fit, you may cancel within the first two weeks of subscription with no penalty and we’ll happily refund 100% of your first payment. Available to first-time Champion members only. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for me?

Champions members include all skill-levels of digital scrapbookers from beginners to advanced and reflect a diverse group of hobbyists. From working mothers to grand-parents, our common denominator is a love for scrapbooking and a dedication to doing it digi.

Do I have time for this?

If you’re like many digital scrapbookers we know, you’re already spending time weeding through tutorials that you don’t need. Champions aims to put the solutions you need in one place so you always know where to find support.


You don’t have time NOT to do this. Whether you ask Tiffany during a monthly meeting, ask a question in our community, navigate through the Champions library, or seek assistance through Student Support, we’ll do our best to put you on the right path as quickly as possible.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes! You’ll want to download all that you wish to keep before you cancel.

Can I purchase each strategy separately?

We don’t offer the strategies separately for one very good reason: some strategies refer you back to a previous video technique featured in a different strategy to ‘catch up’ or a kit (typically a style) that you’ll need to use. The only way we can refer you back is if you can access all of our previous strategies.

What kinds of creative, digital scrapbooking strategies will I find?

All of them. You’ll find strategies with video lessons for photo editing, layout design, using styles and effects, working with different kinds of artistic filters, typography and title tips, telling great stories, getting the best use out of common tools, using obscure (sometimes hidden) tools within the photo-editors, making your pages look more realistic, or making them look as unrealistic as possible, playing with embellishments and altering them to make them your own, cool seasonal techniques, secret tricks designers do but don’t share, and the list goes on and on!


Who Leads Champions?

Tiffany Tillman Emanuel is the founder of Scrapaneers. Through Champions, Tiffany is a go-to resource for what digital scrapbookers desire to create.

A little note from Tiffany: “Champions isn’t about adopting my style and my process. It’s about understanding how you can adapt any design style, product and strategy to carve your own creative happy place. It’s about feeling strong and confident in your own page crafting because you understand the Art and techniques. So you can sit down excited to scrapbook every single time and enjoy your life’s details for years to come.”


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