Travel Pages: Using Maps

Hey all! Today I wanted to share a couple of different ways that you can incorporate maps into your scrapbook pages. For many of us, summer is the time for family vacations and regardless of how you travel, sometimes it can be fun to capture the where on a map. Maybe you want to capture the route, or maybe you just want to show a few locations. And maybe your stressing because you didn’t capture any photos along the way.


In addition to using Google Maps to navigate in unfamiliar areas or find your nearest restaurant, you can also use Google Maps to help document your travels. Enter in your starting and endpoints and grab a screenshot. I’ve used screen shots in a few different ways to help tell my stories.


In this layout, I am telling the story about our move (back in 1988) across country. I have zero photos of this trip. I used the screenshot of a Google Map as the photo on my page. Here, it wasn’t important for me to capture the details of the route, but I simply wanted to show the entirety of the trip from Coast to Coast. I added to the travel theme of the page, by using a bit of a map patterned paper.


Coast to Coast Map


Here is one which uses the map as part of the background. I used a view of the map that shows a bit of the topography, and I marked the location of the day’s destination. I blended this one into the background paper and let this serve as a title page for the photos captured that day.


Location Map


This layout is an oldie made for a class at Jessica Sprague; maybe some of you have a similar layout. I actually had to hunt this down in my archives. My daughter and I went with a group on a 17-day European tour, this may have been the trip of a lifetime. We went to so many countries and cities. Google Maps to the rescue again. Instead of trying to enter a path for Google to highlight, I used my tablet and with the brush tool in photoshop, I drew a dotted path roughly indicating our European journey.


Tour Map


How about just using a shape to suggest a state or country?  This layout is not a travel page, but it could be. (I think this would have been a fun idea for my Coast to Coast page looking back.) Here I searched for a map of Arizona. With that image, I applied an acrylic style, so I have this transparent shape with a slight outline.


Shape Map


I hope this gives you some ideas of different ways that you might capture some details of your travels.






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