It was a classic tale of an unsuspecting gal wanting to do a baby book who innocently picked up a scrapbook mag one day and was lured into the paper underworld of the sticker mafia and decorative scissor gangs. Fast forward a few years, throw in an online class, and a whole new world opened up. Tropt embraced digi and never looked back.


As time went on, some brave designers and stores let her play on their CTs. She learned even more from these amazing and generous gals but has never forgotten how it felt to be a newbie nervously posting her first layout.


Tropt plays with words as part of her work and is currently on the CTs for Mscraps and Oscraps.  Add in the titles of mom and wife, her love of travel, the never-ending quest to try every chili pepper on the planet, and her geeky pride in being a bibliophile and you’ve got her basic bio.


PSE is her Primary Stress-relief Exercise but there is always something she hasn’t quite figured out yet so online classes are big faves. She loves the classes at Scrapaneers and thinks it’s the perfect home for scrappers of all skill levels.


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