How to use templates

How to Use Templates with Digital Artsy Layouts


How to Use Templates with your Digital Artsy Layouts


If you want to get started with Artsy Layouts and feel a little afraid of it, templates are the way to reduce that fear to “mess up” and get you to learn how to carefully use your artsy supplies, like styles, brushes and things like that.

Today I’ll start with some more traditional templates and how they can help you even they look so “clean” and traditional.


layout jana1


This layout came from this template set from Design by Soco


As you can see, her designs are very clean and traditional but they give you a direction how to place elements. In my page above I used Jopke Designs supplies and I used her texture papers and elements around the pictures, as you can see my page didn’t have a lot of elements, I used mostly textures, clean space with textures.




This is another example with Jimbo Jambo Designs templates.

She uses a lot of clusters and although that is not my style I really want to document my months this year and like her text approach. I buy these templates knowing I can change them a lot but they still help me to save time.


I mixed papers in the background with brushes and used transfers as well. As you can see the structure is the same but with an artsy background. This is another example:


In this one, again I kept the same structure she had and used a combination of painted papers in the background plus transfers.


In this one, the template was also traditional but I decided to add a mask at the bottom right corner and that gave my layout a more artsy blended look.

Using more traditional templates gives you the opportunity to play and break up the looks in your layout. I tend to do very artsy pages but playing with more traditional templates gives me variety on my layouts.  Playing with more traditional templates keeps the creativity working if we have to think about how to change them to our preferred style.


Things to consider:

  • Don’t be afraid to play with traditional templates
  • Break the rules of the templates
  • Use the template as a guide for your artsy supplies.


Let me know in the comments if you have traditional templates in your stash and if you ever gave them some artsy touches, I’d love to know.



Jana Oliveira


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  • Su Hall February 13, 2018   Reply →

    I do have some templates. I have problems with trying to change a template to my liking. I feel I am not being true to the designer of the template! LOL I wish I had your vision to see a template and know how to change things to my liking.

  • Cathy February 17, 2018   Reply →

    Great tutorial. Can you let me know the designer source for the 2017 template. I love it

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