Using your Digi Stash to Create Artsy Layouts

Using your Digital Stash to Create Artsy Layouts



Last time we had our regular Artsy Scrapping Articles, I talked about 5 tools that are essentials for Artsy Scrapping. You can check out the article HERE.  Today, I thought it would be helpful to talk about similar things we already have in our stash that could take our Artsy creations even further.


It is important to note these are examples of things to look for that you already have. I can’t put examples here of all the designers or supplies I own (that would require a whole day :), take this as a beginner guide to what to look for in your Artsy Stash similar to these supplies or maybe you might have the same things I’m showing here.




Masks can for sure get 30% of blending job done and give your Artsy layout that painted look. In my opinion, if you like blending, the right mask can get 50% of your blending done.


digi masks




digi masks 2




I love transfers, they are such a time saver and give such a unique look to your layouts.



digi layout jana




Grungy Bits and Word Arts


Artsy Brushes



word art


These supplies combined together with the addition of some good papers make the job of Artsy Scrapper easy and can really give the look that you spent hours creating that layout.



My challenge for you would be searching for these supplies in your stash – what masks do you like, what kind of elements call your attention, what kind of texture combinations do you enjoy?


Start experimenting and trying them together and see what works best. What are your favorite digital Artsy elements you enjoy from your stash?  Be sure to share your favorites with me in the comments.


Supplies: Viva Artistry, Jen Maddocks, Lynn Grieveson Designs, The Urban Fairy, Anna Aspnes & On a Whimsical Adventure.


Jana Oliveira




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  • Su Hall January 8, 2018   Reply →

    I sort of evolved to doing artsy layouts since I do digital art and am a member of several art groups. I like to peruse my many files, just to see what I can use – differently. After a while, I realized I follow certain designers for the very idea that their designs work artistically! The many layouts I see are such awesome inspiration!
    I love it!
    Thank you!

  • Lynn G January 9, 2018   Reply →

    Great post and some lovely inspiration here Jana 🙂

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