Using Mobile Collages for Your Scrapbook Layouts

Well, we’ve made it through the first month of 2017. Did you make resolutions? Are you still keeping them? Maybe you have some that are scrapbooking related, maybe not. But if you’re looking for a way to quickly add lots of photos to your pages, I’ve got a little tip for you: create collages on your mobile phone.


Most of the time, I use only one or two photos on a page, but there are those times when I have several photos to include. One thing I love about having my iPhone (or any other smartphone), is that means I have my photos with me almost everywhere I go. And I find that I’m starting to make more use of this tool. There are several apps available that will let you create collages very quickly and simply. In addition to the capability to create completed pages, the Project Life app can also be used to create photo collages that you can pull over to finish on your scrapbook page? Of course, there are other apps that allow you to quickly create collages as well. The Rhonna Collage app and PicStitch are two that I favor in addition to the Project Life app.


I used the Rhonna Collage app to create this collage of photos of my pretty little cat. I had five photos I wanted to use, so I selected the square aspect ratio and one of the free layouts. I chose to use a simple black fill for my background in the app because I knew I wanted to remove it for scrapping the page. Note that in this app, it’s not entirely obvious that selecting crop, is what will allow you to reposition and resize your photo within the frame.




I created a square collage for my square scrapbook page. (You have lots of size options in the Rhonna Collage app.) Here, I’ve used themwagic wand tool to delete the black background and add a bit of a drop shadow so you can see this a little easier. This app will give you a nice big photo (approximately 9 x 9).




Now I just add my background and my digi stuff to finish it, and voila!


ForeverJoy-OFFLINE-wordart; LittleButterflyWings AllCatsGotoHeaven, amazeyourself

Supplies: LittleButterflyWings, AllCatsGotoHeaven, amazeyourself, ForeverJoy-Offline-wordart;


Just for comparison, I also created a collage in PicStitch. But the resolution is lower and the final image is roughly about 6 x 6, and it is limited to square aspect ratio.




I find this to be more useful for smaller spaces, and here is one where I actually created two collages in PicStitch and pulled them into my layout. I often will create collages to fill a single photo spot on a template more easily and that is exactly what I did here.



Supplies: Just Jaimee Raine Storyteller, Quirky Heart Life is Good Alpha, Simple Scrapper Template


And, let’s not forget the Project Life app.  Note that there are both layouts and collages in the app. Collages do not have white borders, layouts do. And even if you create a 12 x 12 layout in the PL app, it will be approximately 9.5 x 9.5 inches in your 300ppi scrapbook page. But the beauty is, you can always reduce it further. Here are a couple of layouts where I’ve used a 6 x 8 page to create a collage and one where I used a full 9 photo page, but reduced it for my layout.



Supplies: Dawn Inkskip Core Essentials, brush mania, Life Uncut, Simple Scrapper Template



Supplies: Just Jaimee Storyteller May 2016


Sure, you can create these in photoshop, but it would take me more time to create the photo masks, pull in the photos and clip them than it does to make use of any of these apps on my phone (or iPad). I hope this gives you some ideas of how you can get a headstart on your scrapbooking while you are away from your computer.





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  • klee73010 February 9, 2017   Reply →

    yesssss! I definitely need to use my apps for this more often. I really struggle with the apps on my Android because I feel they take away the ability to layer and actually SCRAP for me, at least quickly. But implementing this tip should help with that. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Grace M. February 11, 2017   Reply →

    Yes, thanks for the reminder. I’ve got Project Life but forget to actually use it.

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