Using Styles on Holiday Layouts

It’s that time of the year when all your layouts can use a little extra sparkle! I love using styles when I’m designing and scrapping. Not only are they very easy to use, they are also very versatile and can be modified to your heart’s content. Today, I want to show you how I used the styles created by Mommyish to make my winter layout extra magical.



Here’s my layout using Mommyish’s styles, and mini kits from Amanda Yi and River~Rose Designs. I also used a template by Jimbo Jambo Designs.

Applying Style to A Selected Part


A fun way to use a style is to apply it only to part of a paper or element. This is best done on a paper or element that has a lot of contrast in color, to make it easy to select just one part of it. The word strip here is a good example.



Using my magic wand (lowering the tolerance to about 20 and unchecking contiguous), I can select just the words. Then I create a new layer with my selection by doing layer via copy (or ctrl+J). Finally, I apply a white felt layer style to the new layer and the word strip looks different!



If I choose to, I can even apply another felt style to the bottom strip.



The background paper is done in a similar way. I started out with this paper, and selected the snowflakes with the magic wand.



Then, I made a new layer out of my selection and applied the white felt style to it. Finally, I placed another paper underneath the snowflake layer. I adjusted the shadows on the snowflake layer a little bit and voila! I got myself a new paper!



Combining Styles


Another thing I love doing with styles is combining them. The template I use comes with these fun star shapes. I decided I wanted them sparkly. So first, I applied a gold felt style onto them.



I knew I would be using another style on these stars, so I turned off the drop shadow. Then, I rasterized the style, essentially flattening the style I applied to the shape.



Then, I applied a bokeh style and the two styles stacked on top of one another made these stars just glow. I rasterized the style again and finally added a drop shadow to them.



Masking and Styles


Sometimes, we may only want the style applied to a certain part of an image. In my example, I wanted to use the bokeh style on my photo but I thought it was a little too much, especially on my daughter’s face.



So I went into pattern overlay and increased the scale to 150%, making the bokeh a little bigger and less overwhelming.



Then I right-clicked on the effects in the layer panel, chose “create layers,” and separated the style onto separate layers of effects.



On the layer with the bokeh, I created a layer mask, and using a soft circle brush, brushed over my daughter’s face in black. This masked the bokeh from her face and left the effect on the rest of the photo.



Blending Modes and Styles


Lastly, you can use blending modes to get more out of your styles. I didn’t use this trick on my layout but I think it’s pretty cool. You have the option to change the blend mode of the different effects of a layer style. For example, I can take a frame and apply a black felt style to it.



It looks ok, but the pretty wood texture is gone. If I want to preserve that, I can go into pattern overlay, and change the blend mode to “lighter color.” This way, only the colors lighter than the frame in the pattern show up, and I end up with a glittery frame.



You can get endless different looks adjusting the settings of layer styles, and it’s so fun to experiment! I hope this article has helped you come up with a number of ways you can use these styles on your holiday layouts. I’m looking forward to seeing them in the gallery!


The Winter Magic Giveaway


A huge THANK YOU goes out to all the amazing designers who contributed to this Mega Collection.  Winter Magic is perfect for your winter and holiday photos, but it also has a gorgeous color palette that is fitting for memorializing those everyday moments too.  Ready for a peek at what you can collect during the month of December?



Winter Magic


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